Doncic's playoffs

Denver Nuggets and Utah Jazz open the final rounds of the NBA on Monday (19:30). The Slovenian of the Mavericks makes his debut against the Clippers (03:00).


Welcome to the 2020 NBA Playoffs! This Monday, the Denver Nuggets and Utah Jazz kick off (7:30 p.m.) to a final rounds that just five months ago seemed impossible due to the coronavirus. Few imagined that this point would be reached after the League break last March 12 due to the positive of Rudy Gobert. Few thought the season would resume successfully within the health bubble at the Walt Disney complex in Orlando, Florida. And yet here we are, four months later than usual and in August, the traditional transfer season, with the 16 best teams of the campaign (eight from the East and eight from the West) battling for the ring.

Among them, Luka Doncic's Dallas Mavericks, who return to the playoffs today after three years of absence, with the curse of not exceeding the first round since 2011, when they won their only championship, and with the best attack in the League (115 , 9 points for every 100 possessions). They will be the first playoffs for the Slovenian after a second sublime course. Leader in triple-doubles (17), he closed the regular season with 28.8 points, 9.4 rebounds and 8.4 assists (third in the NBA) on average. In the eight games in the bubble, he exceeded those figures: 30 goals, 10.1 sacks and 9.7 basket passes.

Toronto against Brooklyn

Its premiere (03:00) will not be easy. They await the Los Angeles Clippers of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, the great candidates for the title in the West along with LeBron's Lakers, who start tomorrow against the Portland Trail Blazers. They have never faced each other at this point in the course before and the outlook is not very rosy for Texans. ESPN only gives them a 9% chance of passing, the third-lowest percentage in these first-round series after the Orlando Magic's 1% against the Milwaukee Bucks and the Brooklyn Nets' 3% against Marc Gasol's Toronto Raptors, Ibaka. and Scariolo, who begin the defense of their crown at 10pm. Then it will be the turn of the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers (00:30, #Vamos) .

The format of these summer playoffs will be the traditional one, with three rounds before the grand final (all the best of seven games), but it will have a great novelty: the field advantage for the first four classified in each Conference disappears for the first time in the history. It will only be aesthetically maintained with changes to the parquet and with its own virtual fans in the stands.

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