Dominance of Spanish coaches in Europe

Technicians born in Spain have achieved 32 wound in the last five years, 10 more than the Italians and 12 than the French and Germans.


Spanish football, although it has given up part of the dominance it had exercised in the last decade, remains at the top. It continues to be competitive, as shown by Sevilla's conquest of the Europa League, despite the disappointing participation of the other LaLiga clubs in the Champions League (none managed to be among the top four). Spanish football continues to be a factory of talent and not only of players. Coaches are living their particular golden age and are dominating successes on the benches of major competitions.

If we analyze the last five seasons (from 2015-16 to 19-20), it is the Spanish technicians who have managed to win the most titles if we add all the national competitions of the first countries by UEFA ranking (League, Cup, Super Cup and League Cup), European (Champions, Europa League and Super Cup) and international (Club World Cup). The coaches from Spain have accumulated 32 twisted shots in these five years, a considerable advantage over their Italian (22) and French (20) counterparts. The Germans, who tied for third place on the podium thanks to Flick's triumph with Bayern in the Champions League final. Worse image are given by the English coaches, who have not achieved any title in this time, while others from countries such as Portugal (4), Argentina (3) and Switzerland, Holland and Chile (1) have.

Spanish coaches have won titles both in international competitions (FIFA and UEFA) and in the main European leagues except in Italy. In the transalpine country there is an iron dictatorship on the benches by the native technicians, preventing any foreign coach from winning any of the three main competitions in the last five years. Logically, the country where the most titles have been won by the Spaniards has been in their own country (10), but England (9) and France (7) follow.

In this period of time, Guardiola is presented as the most successful Spanish coach (10), after winning 2 winches with Bayern and 8 with Manchester City. Emery accumulates 8, of which seven he got during his time at PSG and a Europa League with Sevilla. Luis Enrique would be third after winning six titles with Barcelona in 15-16 and 16-17. The list is completed by Valverde (4 on the Barça bench and one in Athletic), Marcelino (a Copa del Rey with Valencia), Arteta (the FA Cup with Arsenal) and Lopetegui (the still recent Europa League won by Sevilla) . This list could have been joined by Alguacil or Gaizka Garitano, coaches of Real Sociedad and Athletic, who had to play the final of the Copa del Rey last season, which has been postponed until 2021.

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