"MotoGP doesn't like to grow up due to controversial moments"

Manel Arroyo, general director of Dorna and head of the championship audiovisual, responds to the discomfort of some pilots due to an excess of repetitions of the falls.

As a result of the horrifying accident last Sunday in Austria between Zarco and Morbidelli, in which after falling their motorcycles went like projectiles against Maverick and Rossi, who were miraculously unscathed, criticism arose from some pilots for understanding that there was a excess of repetitions on TV. Crutchlow was the first to raise his voice, but so did Maverick and a few others. Thus, AS has asked Manel Arroyo, who is the general director of Dorna and the head of the audiovisual championship, for his point of view. The executive has responded and explained what Dorna's modus operandi is in the television realization of the races, making it clear at all times that they are fleeing from morbid.

“The production team is made up of a group of people in which there are journalists, filmmakers, I am also present, and they do not follow any criteria other than our experience and that of seeing what is done in other sports in similar situations. Everything can be improved, without a doubt, and every day we learn, but at the moment we do not have big complaints from the people to whom the sport is directed on television because we understand that something will be doing more or less well. That does not mean that we do not take into account what the drivers have said these days. Just like we take into account the team leaders when they tell us, please don't show naked bikes on television. And we don't do it ", Arroyo begins by saying before referring to what the pilots said:" The comments of the pilots these days I clearly attribute it to a situation in which there was a very critical moment, in which there was a lot of danger . Some when arriving at the box say that they do not watch television so as not to be influenced and others watch it, it may seem that there is a lot of repetition, as Crutchlow said, and others like Rossi, who says that there are repetitions, but that it is real life , what is happening and that it is nothing that we do not know because this has the risk component that it has. ”

The current means are better than ever and the range of possibilities increases: “When there is a crash in a group in MotoGP, as almost all motorcycles have built-in cameras, you obviously have many angles to see what has happened. And so we did. What happens is that before you only watched the repetitions on television, and now you see them on television, on social networks, on the websites of motor sports newspapers. You see them everywhere because now there are many more places to see them. ”

There is an important detail that not everyone will know. Dorna produces and broadcasts the international signal, and then the televisions present in the circuit have the ability to personalize their own signal at all times. “The other day, in the Moto2 accident, it might seem that we were very slow, but it is that until we have proof from the Race Direction that all the riders were under control, and that is why it appeared that all the riders were conscious, we do not begin to teach the fall. When that happens, the main thing on my mind is the driver's mother and father, who are not normally on the circuit. The other day Syahrin's parents were not there and, before showing that the one who is in the fall is his son, and it is also wrong, I want to be sure that brutal and bestial anguish does not happen to these gentlemen. We take the utmost care so that these things do not happen ”, says Manel.

He had intended to explain all this to the pilots already at the Styrian GP: “We explained this to the pilots in the Safety Commission. Carmelo (Ezpeleta) says it to them, whoever brings up the subject. One of the things that happens is that they arrive at the box and do not know if they are watching the MotoGP signal or that of any channel that broadcasts the races and there are times that I am not teaching something but 'Dazn' or another yes that is teaching. If, in addition, the action has been seen live, that possibility of repetition already exists, because it has already been seen, whether I put it on or not because they are already beginning to repeat it. The other day 'Sky' and 'Dazn' were repeating Syahrin's accident when we still hadn't put on repeats, because we were waiting for what I say. ”

Arroyo explains that they have “a series of maxims to follow and an important one is that, when there is a fall, the cameraman, who has to have a practically intuitive movement, is also always asked not to follow the rider but rather the motorcycle. Why? It is not to hide but to avoid unpleasant planes. What happens is that sometimes the camera is not able to discern if he is following the rider to the motorcycle when someone falls, because he decides in a few fractions of a second. But the instruction for falls is, whenever possible, we follow the bike. ”

Ezpeleta's right hand makes it clear that they intend to flee from the morbid: “Personally, I don't like being told how well it has been for us to be a global trending topic last week because of the accident or how well it has been for you Rossi and Marc's fight, I don't like it. I want my sport to grow because sportingly it is very interesting, which is how it is. The sport grows because what these guys do is brutally fantastic. I do not like to grow up by moments of controversy or a certain morbid. What happens is that I cannot avoid them, because it is not in my power. If the TVs or the webs those images repeat them, repeat them and repeat them, I can't stop them. But neither do we have anyone here who will sharpen this too much. ”

And a final reflection: “The images are spectacular and what happened was really shocking. The way the bikes and cameras were located gave a result that no one could predict. Pilots have every right in the world to give their opinion and we do our job to the best of our ability, always learning and listening to everyone. There is no more. ”

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