Denver Nuggets-Utah Jazz: the tie, in five details

The Colorado franchise and the Salt Lake City franchise will face each other since Monday and the best of seven games in the first round of the playoffs.


This Monday (19:30) starts the first-round tie between Denver Nuggets and Utah Jazz for the best of seven games. The Colorado franchise enters the playoffs with the third best record in the Western Conference: 46-27, 63% wins and with only three wins in the eight games played in Florida. For its part, the one from Salt Lake City finished the course with a balance of 44-28 (61.1%) and also three victories at Walt Disney. These are the five details of the series:

Fifth playoffs

It is the fifth time both teams have been in the playoffs and the balance favors the Jazz with three wins and one loss. The last time they saw each other was in 2011: Utah wins in the first round 4-2.

High Europeans

Nikola Jokic and Rudy Gobert are two of the most important centers in the NBA. Of European origin, both were chosen by the Nuggets. The Serbian, in the second round, in position 41 in 2014; and Gobert, in first, with pick 27. The Frenchman's rights were transferred to Utah on the same night of the 2013 draft. The Balkan international is a mixed base-pivot for his vision of the game, his ability in passing and his movements in the paint. The Frenchman is pure intimidation and the two awards for best defender in the NBA attest to this.

Bench casualties

Bojan Bogdanovic is out of Utah with a right wrist injury. The Croatian forward is the team's second leading scorer with an average of 20.2 points. For its part, Denver will not initially have two key men: Gary Harris and Will Barton.

Michael Porter Junior

The versatile forward for the Denver Nuggets is playing his first season in the League after spending his rookie year injured. He left small flashes before the break, highly conditioned by the safety minutes that Malone imposed on him from the bench. However, in the bubble he has loosened the strap and Porter has disguised himself as an All Star: 22 points on average in seven games with a top 37 against Oklahoma City Thunder.

Young Stars

Both teams feature two of the youngest stars in the NBA. Utah trusts its luck in Donovan Mitchell (23 years old). In his third season in the North American League, the guard-guard has increased his offensive capacity a little more until reaching 24 points on average. His final control of the matches will be key in the tie. As for Denver, the growth of Jamal Murray (23 years old) has been surprising. He has gone from just starting ten times in his rookie year to always starting the last three seasons. Annotation, intelligence, control of the game ... The hamstring injury that prevented him from playing the first bars of the restart of the season could weigh down his rhythm and explosiveness.

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