Ødegaard is summoned on August 14 in Zubieta

In the absence of the official announcement of the second year of loan by Real Madrid, the agreement is complete and Real Sociedad treats him as their player.


Martin Ødegaard is summoned on August 14 in Zubieta to start the preseason with Real Sociedad. In the absence only of Real Madrid making it official, the loan for the second year on loan at the txuri-urdin club has been approved and, therefore, closed. In fact, Imanol Alguacil and Roberto Olabe treat him as one more realistic player for this next season, and they have made it known to him when they have communicated with the Norwegian in these weeks of vacation, in which most have taken the opportunity to relax in his hometown, in the beautiful places of Drammen.

Of course, the Norwegian midfielder will not be able to start the preseason normally under the command of Imanol Alguacil, because he continues to drag the injury in his right knee. It remains to be seen in what conditions he returns to Zubieta after the treatment he underwent in Barcelona before starting his vacation. The idea, in any case, is to progressively increase the workload, be very careful with your recovery and be cautious, always attending to your feelings, so as not to jeopardize your participation during a season in the that the Real is going to have a tremendous load of parties. The objective at all times has been to avoid going through the operating room to solve the patellar tendinopathy that he suffers.

All the treatment that the Norwegian is following has been coordinated by Real Sociedad with his consent, and always keeping Real Madrid, which is the club that owns its federative rights, aware. Ødegaard's confidence in Zubieta's medical services is total, and he wants to continue treating himself there after returning from vacation. They will evaluate the condition of your knee and prepare a plan for your full recovery. Ødegaard and La Real hope that Real Madrid will give their final “ok” to the second year of loan that they had agreed to a year ago over the next few days. They work with that forecast, because the Norwegian wants to be in Zubieta on Friday, August 14, as the Royal has told him to do, as long as the official status of his new assignment to the Royal arrives.

Real Madrid has once again kept its word, which was to let Ødegaard also choose this summer what was best for his future. The Norwegian already communicated to the Real that his intention was to fulfill his second year on loan in San Sebastián, but he had to be allowed by Real Madrid, which in 2019 had initially agreed with both Ødegaard and Real that his stay as txuri-urdin on loan out of two seasons, reviewable the second this summer, something logical, also, considering the impressive level he had offered until confinement. His conversation with Zidane was also clear in that sense, if he was clear that he wanted another year on loan to be better prepared, he was going to respect him. This way he gains time for a possible exit in 2020 of one of his stars. The white club has already given its approval to the operation, they are counting on it to continue in San Sebastián, and once the season is over, they are expected to start making official announcements of the assignments they have pending. They await her at the Real. They want Ødegaard to start the preseason with everyone on August 14th.

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