Dazzling Doncic

The Madrid youth squad started his first NBA playoff with a new record: his 42 points make him the rookie with the highest scoring in history.


The NBA playoffs are underway. What seemed like a chimera a few months ago is now progressing properly without significant setbacks due to the coronavirus. The Walt Disney bubble works. The fan is a little more clueless than usual with the follow-up on these atypically summer dates, but the competition advances with a tailwind to the resolution of the ring in October, just the month in which the new course should have started. Playing is already a success. The title fight has multiple attractions, such as that return of the Los Angeles Lakers to the playoffs, which they had not stepped on since 2013. A corrected anomaly. Along with their neighbors the suddenly grown-up Clippers form a duo of staunch league hopefuls.

From Spain, the eyes point in two directions. Towards the Toronto Raptors of Marc Gasol, Serge Ibaka and Sergio Scariolo, the defenders of the ring, who remain a decisive team despite the departure of Kawhi Leonard. And towards Luka Doncic, that Real Madrid youth squad who already dominated the Euroleague and who now dazzles at every step in the NBA. The best rookie of last session started the first playoff of his career with a new record: his 42 points make him the rookie with the highest scoring in history at his debut. Doncic breaks record after record. This season he has finished leading triple-doubles (17) ahead of LeBron James and breaking records from Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan. On the Mavericks, he has matched the assists cap of Jason Kidd and Steve Nash (19). At that level he rubs shoulders at 21 years old. At this point, no one doubts that No. 3 in the draft did not do him justice. The NBA looks at Europe with some suspicion. The Slovenian climbs the steps two at a time. And at the bottom of the stairs, Dirk Nowitzki and his ring in Dallas await you. He has no vertigo.

Photos from as.com
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