Dani Sordo will race in Cantabria

The Spaniard will participate against his countrymen in the Rudagüera Rallysprint on September 5 at the wheel of a Hyundai i20 R5.


“I am going to run the Rudagüera Rallysprint with a Hyundai i20 R5 from Terra Training Motorsport. See you on September 5 at the home stages! " This is how Dani Sordo announced his participation next week in the first test that takes place in his land, Cantabria, this season. Great news for his countrymen, in one of the most popular areas in Spain.

Sordo already delighted his team last year at the Sarón Rally, in which he competed with the Hyundai of the Murcian team and won before his fans. It was his last foray at home, in a test that intended to gain a foothold in the Spanish Championship, but which in the end did not get the punctuation. Cantabria has run out of National Championship tests, and this World Cup foray will partly make up for this lack.

This time he will not take Carlos del Barrio to the right, since it will be Iván Bajo who will occupy the passenger seat. The Rudagüera event has the Karting La Roca as its epicenter, owned by Sordo's father, and will consist of three passes over a 12-kilometer stretch. A beautiful setting for the Cantabrian to meet his fans again on the same weekend that the World Championship starts again at the Estonian Rally.

Photos from as.com
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