Crutchlow sees "ridiculous" repeating the accident so many times

The British LCR rider said after the accident: "We already saw the bike go through a gap. We hate to see it. I don't know why they repeat it 50 times."


Cal Crutchlow, Honda LCR team rider, has assured that the pilots do not like to see the actions of accidents repeated so many times, and focusing on the incident between Zarco and Morbidelli, whose motorcycles flew near Rossi and Maverick, said that it is "ridiculous" that the action is shown so many times on television.

"As we saw, that bike went through a hole. We hate to see it. I don't know why they repeat it 50 times, it's ridiculous. Everyone wants to know what's going on, okay. But it's ridiculous for the riders in the garage, it's ridiculous for the fans and for the people at home, "said Crutchlow in Spielberg.

Regarding a solution to the complicated Turn 3, place of the accident, the Briton is not clear what the solution would be: "The place is not safe, but unfortunately there is no way to avoid it," he sentenced.

And analyzing his career, with problems that took him to the final 15th position, he analyzed: "I made one of the biggest mistakes of my career, because I thought I had a technical problem when I was behind Nakagami and Valentino. When I changed gears I I made a mistake and put the wrong gear. It was like you were going from third to fifth gear in the car. There was no more push, I thought the bike was no longer working. "

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