Criterium Dauphiné 2020: stages, profiles, altimetry and route

Check here the details of the 2020 Criterium del Dauphiné stages, one of the great events on the calendar and the last test for many cyclists before the Tour de France.


This Wednesday the Criterium del Dauphiné starts, a test that is presented as the last great test for the Tour de France for many riders such as Egan Bernal, Chris Froome, Geraint Thomas, Primoz Roglic, Tom Dumoulin, Steven Kruijswijk or Mikel Landa among others . Below we know in detail the stages and the route of the Criterium del Dauphiné 2020.

Stage 1: Clermont-Ferrand - Saint-Christo-en-Jarez (Wednesday 12 August)

The Criterium del Dauphiné will start with a stage of 218.5 between Clermont-Ferrand and Saint-Christo-en-Jarez that will test the runners. The first 100 kilometers are conducive to escapes with ascents to the Côte du Château d'Auteribe (4th), the Col de Béal (2nd) and the Côte de Courreau (3rd) before reaching a quieter area prior to The final 60 kilometers with the ascents to the heights of Saint-Héand and the Andréi Kivilev climb before entering the final circuit with the ascents to the Côte de Leymieux and Col de la Gachet, which will crown just one kilometer from the finish line.

Stage 2: Vienne - Col de Porte (Thursday 13 August)

The mountain will make an appearance in the second stage of the Critérium del Dauphiné with a short but demanding stage of 135 kilometers between Vienne and the summit of Col de Porte. After a start with the Côte de Virville (3rd) and the Côte de Roybon (4th) as the main difficulties, the race will get tougher in the last 45 kilometers: first with the climb to the Côte de Maillet, in 1st category with its 6.2 kilometers at 8%; and then with the very hard arrival at Col de Porte, Hors Categorie port with its 17.5 kilometers at an average slope of 6.2%.

Stage 3: Corenc - Saint-Martin-de-Belleville (Friday, August 14)

Another great mountain day will await the riders on the third stage of the Dauphiné with a route of 157 kilometers between Corenc and the finish in Saint-Martin -de-Belleville. The first 85 kilometers will be calm for the peloton before reaching La Chambre, where they will begin the climb to one of the colossi of the Alps, Col de la Madeleine, Hors Categorie pass with its 17.3 kilometers at 8.3% that They will crown at an altitude of 2000 meters. From here they will face a rapid descent towards Salins-Les-Thermes before starting the final ascent to Saint-Martin-de-Belleville, category 1 with its 14.8 kilometers at 6% .

Stage 4: Ugine - Mégeve (Saturday, August 15)

Great mountain stage on the fourth day of the Dauphiné, with a route of 153.5 kilometers between Ugine and the finish in Mégeve. The start of the stage will already require runners with the climbs to Col de Plan Bois (1st, 6.3 km. To 9.5), Col de la Croix Fry (1st, 6.6 km. To 7.9% ) and Col des Aravis (3rd). After ascending the Côte d'Héry-sur-Ugine, cyclists will have favorable terrain on their way to Albertville before heading to the Villard-sur-Doron sprint for the great peak of the day, Montée de Bisanne, Hors Categorie pass. with its 12.4 kilometers at 8.2% of average slope. After their descent the cyclists will have several kilometers of false flat before the final ascent to the Mégeve plateau, in 2nd category with its 7.4 kilometers at 4.7% .

Stage 5: Mégeve - Mégeve (Sunday, August 16)

The final fireworks of the Dauphiné 2020 will be a demanding stage of 153.5 kilometers with departure and arrival (aloft) in Mégeve with up to eight scoring ports. After ascending the tough Côte de Domancy (2nd), the race could be broken on the ascent to Col de la Romme, Hors Categorie pass with its 8.8 kilometers at 8.9%, and at Col de la Colombiere, from 1st category with its 7.5 kilometers at 8.5%. After descending towards the Saint-Jean-de-Sixt sprint, the cyclists will climb the Col des Aravis (2nd) and the Côte de la Frassette (4th) before a few favorable kilometers as a prelude to the demanding final stage. In the last 30 kilometers, cyclists will have to ascend the Côte de Domancy (2nd), and the Côte de Cordon (2nd) before the final climb to the Mégeve plateau, 2nd category with its 9 kilometers at 4.6% where it will be crowned to the final winner of the Dauphiné 2020.

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