Creeps with Ferrari

Spa accentuates the shortcomings of the SF1000 and leaves Leclerc and Vettel in Q1 spots. Verstappen led although Mercedes has more. Ninth time for Sainz.


Not surprisingly, this Ferrari is crawling at Spa-Francorchamps, though it should be after Charles Leclerc's show here last year. The SF1000 is a mediocre F1 that fails in all subjects related to power and has no tools to defend itself in this total circuit of extreme slopes in depth. It is not surprising, but it is painful, to find Leclerc and Vettel closer to the tail than the head in the timesheets and, apparently in free practice at the Belgian GP, with serious difficulties to overcome the cut of the Q1 in the standings. At night they will correct problems and progress, their enormous resources demand it and also the emblem they carry. But for now they are with Sauber, Haas and Williams. From prancing horse to red lantern.

The Monegasque set the 15th fastest time and the German was 17th, separated by Russell and surpassed by Giovinazzi or Raikkonen. The paradox is that the 1:45 that they registered this Friday were lowered comfortably a year ago, in the 2019 practice, with the SF90H and its controversial engine. It is clear that the FIA investigations limited certain practices and that since then the Italian power unit has fallen to the caboose. They have arrived at the Ardennes track with the minimum downforce necessary to be able to defend themselves on the straights. The problem is that the laps do not come out and the greatest wastage of tenths occurs in the intermediate sector, the one that concentrates the most compromising curves. Ferrari is required to win, but it was assumed that they would roam the midfield seeking atonement for their sins (relative to the old engine), with Racing Point, Renault and McLaren. If the red car sinks before reaching home, Monza and Mugello, the situation may become untenable. And all, ignoring the fact that next year Maranello's interests align with those of Spanish motorsport.

Verstappen gets hooked on the Mercedes

Front, a certain heterogeneous that nobody believes. Verstappen signed the fastest lap of the day in Belgium with just 50 thousandths of income over Ricciardo and 96 over Hamilton. Red Bull complies so far and the feelings are good, although the overwhelming superiority of Mercedes in the previous races forces to look with reservations to any alternative. It is true that in Belgium the range of tires of 'Silverstone 2' is recovered, when Max won. But the weather has been strange, cold and with the constant threat of rain, and the champion's mattress cannot disappear as if nothing had happened. Difficult to draw conclusions for qualifying and the race.

Carlos Sainz was eighth in the morning and ninth in the afternoon. The McLaren is sitting in the points zone because the others, from Alpha Tauri down, are far away. It is true that the Renault have taken a step forward in Spa, although not as big as Ricciardo's turnaround announces. There will be a fight behind Racing Point, maybe Albon will free himself if he consolidates the good impressions and puts his Red Bull in a priority position. Only energy cars can prevent the usual winners this weekend.

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