Controversy at the Norwegian Championships for the 'photo finish'

Sven Erik Bystrom was proclaimed champion although the Uno-X team has filed a claim as the photo finish does not clarify whether he or Jonas Hvideberg crossed the line before.


The title of Norwegian road cycling champion is still up in the air after the Uno-X team filed a claim following the victory of Sven Erik Bystrom (UAE Emirates) in the long-distance test held this Sunday, where he prevailed to the sprint to Jonas Hvideberg, from Uno-X.

The Uno-X would have put a claim to the victory of Bystrom alleging a bad position of the shot of the 'photo finish', located in a bad angle and that it would not reflect well who of the two cyclists crossed the finish line first.

We will have to wait for the final resolution, but everything seems to indicate that Bystrom will retain the title. In fact, the Uno-X team congratulated Bystrom on his victory with an image that once again shows how close the arrival was.

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