Conte: "Sevilla is the team with the most experience in this competition"

Conte appeared at the press conference prior to the final of the Europa League worried about Sevilla: "We have to be vigilant, it is the team that has won the most titles in the last decade"


The Inter Milan coach, Antonio Conte, was cautious two days before the final of the Europa League that will face Seville (21 hours) when he remembers that they face the team "with more experience in this competition", in addition to putting the accent on the great performance of the duo formed by Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martínez.

"It will be a difficult match. We play against the team with the most experience in this competition and the one that has won the most titles in the last decade. We have to be vigilant, but also play our own game with great enthusiasm and courage, as we have done. until now, "Conte said in an interview with UEFA.

"It's a final and only the best teams make it to the final. So we have to show on the pitch that we are the best if we want this trophy. We have to play with the will to win and bring the trophy to Italy, and bring a trophy to Inter. Sevilla will have the same idea, so we have to show that we are the best team, "he added.

"For me, it is always important to be able to tell the guys, at the end of the match, that we have no regrets. If we are the best team, we will lift the trophy. If not, we will do everything and applaud our opponents," Conte explained, that does not hide his satisfaction with the performance of his forwards.

"I knew Lukaku very well because he is a player I followed for some time. I tried many times to sign him in my old clubs. I knew the characteristics he had. As for Lautaro, he was a player I had admired on television, Although I had not played much last year. I saw their ability and quality. It was inevitable that, working together and working hard, the understanding between the two would develop. They are players who have the typical forward selfishness, but also the lack of interest in playing as a team and help others, "he analyzed.

In addition, Conte praised Diego Godín, who he said "needed time to adapt to the style of play, which was completely different from what he was used to [at Atlético de Madrid]. He had to learn to defend while running forward and learn to defend with 50 meters of space behind him, "he commented.

"He had the strength, the professionalism and the humility to be available and expand his game in terms of playing style. So we give him credit. He rose to the challenge and took on the new challenge, and now he's seeing great results." He added about the former mattress player.

Finally, Conte made a positive balance after his first season at Inter, although he does not forget the early elimination in the Champions League. "We managed to reach the final of the Europa League, despite the small disappointment of not passing the group stage of the Champions League. We see the glass half full, because [that disappointment] has allowed us to have a much more successful trip in the Europa League that we would have had in the Champions League. I think this team, with many young and inexperienced players, needed it, "he said.

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