Clippers beat Luka Doncic for history

The Angelenos prevailed in a duel of maximum equality in which Kawhi and George led those of Rivers. Doncic, with 42 points, again broke a new scoring record.


A debut in a big way and lives up to expectations. Luka Doncic made his debut against the Clippers in the NBA playoffs. The Slovenian reached the first round after completing the season of his confirmation in the American elite, managing to rub shoulders with the most emblematic figures of the competition. The one from Ljubljana has managed to break a new record in history at its premiere. No playoff rookie had managed to reach 40 points on their debut, with George Mikan's 37 points with Minneapolis in 1949 being the highest record.

The Mavs started the series with the difficult mission of facing some Clippers, who have shown great regularity of results throughout the regular phase and who reached the duel with the addition of having been one of the few franchises that with the game developed in the bubble they had managed to reaffirm their candidacy for the ring.

To face a behemoth like the Clippers, Carlisle's offensive game would once again be run by the lethal couple that Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis have formed throughout the course. However, the game couldn't have started any worse for the Mavs. A partial start of 10-0, coupled with a sprained ankle by Doncic, presaged that it would be a difficult night to say the least for the interests of Texas.Despite this, they managed to react both without Doncic, reaching 3 points, and with the Slovenian on the court. Carlisle's men turned the tables and finished the first quarter with an income of 4 points on the scoreboard. Both teams finished the first 12 minutes with a scoring average, both from the field and from the perimeter, higher than 50%. The high scoring pace persisted into the second 12 minutes. Those of Carlisle continued to draw up a strategy to say the least risky. Play for and for Doncic, and let the Slovenian decide the future of each play. The fourth start was brilliant for the West sevenths. A 12-2 run put them 14 up. An impossible panorama to pose at the start of the crash.

However, the Clippers reacted spurred on by an enthusiastic Kawhi Leonard, unleashed for the basket but without finding all the revenue he sought, followed by scoring streaks from various players throughout the game. In this section appeared a particularly inspired Marcus Morris, a successful Lou Williams from the perimeter and the Bosnian Ivica Zubac, who knew how to manage the times from the paint capturing some extremely important offensive rebound. From the disadvantage of 14 it went to 3 and the Clippers went to rest having recovered the sensations lost from the middle of the first quarter.

The third quarter would mark a before and after. A dispute between Luka Doncic and Marcus Morris would end Kristaps Porzingis in the locker room, after the referees whistled the second technique to the Latvian, who despite missing almost half of the game ended up being the third highest scorer of his team along with Seth Curry. Following the expulsion, the Mavs would lose a lot of offensive steam and Carlisle's attacks would become practically harmless. Before the expulsion of the Latvian, those of Dallas won 66-71 and finished the fourth with only 11 points in 9 minutes and 5 points behind on the scoreboard.

In the last stretch of the game, the defenses and the lack of offensive success were present in both teams. Doncic continued his particular scoring film, adding another 12 points in the last period, which added to some punctual appearance of Hardaway kept the Dallas team with victory options until the last bars of the game. However, 3 triples in the last 3 minutes added to 6 free throws were enough for Rivers to maintain the advantage and score the first win of the tie.

The Angelenos once again made a new demonstration of what it is to know how to manage the times and the defensive intensity, all this added to 2 scoring portents such as Kawhi (29 points) and Paul George (27 points) reaffirm the iron favoritism of Rivers for take the tie. They were joined by two notable games by Lou Williams and Marcus Morris, both with acceptable percentages from the perimeter. For his part, at the level of figures Doncic once again demonstrated the pseudo-dependence that he has on Porzingisen being court, to be seconded by someone. Although Hardaway and Curry reached double digits, neither of them were at their best. Tim, a player with innate ability to triple, stayed at 4 out of 11 from the outside, while Seth failed to acquire that scoring consistency that characterizes him.

In the early hours of Wednesday to Thursday (03:00 Spanish time), the Mavs will seek to regain their pulse in the tie and beat the Angelenos for the first time so far this season. For this, in addition to the best Doncic and Porzingis, the Finney-Smith, Seth Curry or Hardaway must regain their scoring pulse and maintain a defensive regularity that was lacking in the first game. To all this, we must add a more focused and precise Luka in turnovers, after he lost up to 11 balls in the first game. And it is that in addition to the defeat, not everything was of light and color in the Slovenian party.

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