Champions boyfriends

Davies, from Bayern and already champion, and his girl, Huitema, who is in the semifinals with PSG, can become the first couple to win both the Champions League.


Alphonso Davies is already Champions of the Champions League after winning the Lisbon final against PSG. The Canadian has been one of the most important players for the Bavarian team in his new left-back position, in which Flick has produced a spectacular performance. The curious thing about his case, in addition to the fact that Canada already has a European continental champion, is that his partner, the also professional footballer Jordyn Huitema, can accompany him in this success.

The Canadian plays for PSG and has already reached the semifinals of the Women's Champions League, in which they will face no more and no less than with the almighty Lyon. A major challenge that could jeopardize the path to Huitema's title. Never before has a wedding couple managed to win the Champions League in the male and female categories, respectively. Alphonso will therefore be very attentive to what his partner can achieve.

Davies and Huitema are considered two absolutely relevant footballers in the sport of Canada. The Bayern player leads the team that currently has the challenge of going to the Qatar World Cup, while Huitema, forward, is one of the pillars of the team and was present at the last World Cup in France, which allowed him sign for PSG.

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