Campazzo: new offer to Real Madrid to seal his departure

There has been no solution before the week in which Madrid returns to work and the base environment seeks a new formula to reach an agreement.


Facundo Campazzo's situation at Real Madrid has not been solved, as the two parties would have preferred, before this week, marked on the calendar as the return to activity of the white team, which will pass the relevant tests and medical examinations before to get going. The last official match of the Pablo Laso was the one that faced Casademont Zaragoza on June 27, when he jumped to La Fonteta already eliminated and without options to play the semifinals.

When that final phase of the League was played in Valencia, Real Madrid already knew that Campazzo had decided to go to the NBA. The Argentine guard felt that it was the moment (he is 29 years old) after having won everything with the white team and before the siren songs that came from the other side of the Atlantic. Its clause is 6 million euros, after renewing last summer until 2024, and its intention continues to be to obtain a reduction in exchange for its rights in Europe, which would continue to belong to Real Madrid, and pay in installments, something they already did. in the past Sergio Rodríguez or Nikola Mirotic, who disbursed 2.5 million between 2014 and 2019. Luka Doncic, on the contrary, paid at once the 2 million that allowed his departure in 2018.

Real Madrid did not want to know anything about the first proposal from the Campazzo environment, which has now made a new approach on more favorable terms for the club, which however has not answered for now. Thus the things, the intention of the base is to appear to the medical tests and the preseason. Real Madrid will play the ACB Super Cup on September 12. The NBA, which is up and running now due to the pandemic and therefore manages atypical deadlines that end up complicating everything, does not open its market until October 18, and that if the 2020-21 season is not delayed even more. Then Campazzo could pay the clause and leave, if he already has an agreed contract in the US. But that will force him to be at Madrid until then, with the consequent risk of injury, and will mean an outlay of around 900,000 euros for the club. Proportional share of his salary for next season, 3 million gross.

Campazzo does not contemplate another option other than leaving Real Madrid, which in turn could, once this delicate matter has been resolved, focus on closing the hiring of center Ante Zizic, who is tempted by Maccabi. But the Argentine knows that an NBA franchise can only give him $ 750,000 to facilitate his departure, to which he could add 15% of the total salary for which he signs in the United States. What he would have left to put out of his pocket is still too much, right now also without closed figures of what he could receive in the franchise in which he ends up playing (Mavericks and Timberwolves have sounded). While looking for formulas, he will try not to tighten the rope with Madrid any more and seek an agreement that, he believes, will end up being the best for everyone. But until then, the team will have to deal with a rarefied situation with which he has been one of its great references, especially in the last two seasons.

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