'Appointed by the Gods': a book to discover Jon Rahm

The journalists Alejandro Rodríguez and David Durán, authors of the first volume published on the Biscayan, reveal their figure in AS.

That at 25 the figure of Jon Rahm arouses enough interest to gloss it in a book says a lot about the character. That is precisely what they have done in Jon Rahm: Indicated by the Gods Alejandro Rodríguez and David Durán, the journalists behind Ten Golf, a reference portal for this sport in Spain.

Prologue by Phil Mickelson, the first volume published on Barrika's is about his first quarter of a century of life through the stories that have marked him and the portraits of him made by legends such as the left-handed man from San Diego, José María Olazábal or Sergio García. Rahm appears in all his dimensions: born competitor, home husband, star without pretense ...

The interview that the authors conducted in his home in Arizona (USA) forms a text in which the Biscayan undresses confessing a hitherto unknown fact, that he was born with a club foot and a leg one and a half centimeters shorter than his other. Having adapted his movements to that condition adds a component of personal improvement to his career that is not abundant in the golfing elite. "If I have not spoken before about it, it is because nobody has asked me. I have no complex," Rodríguez and Durán tell them when bringing up the subject.

What makes you one of those designated for glory? "There is nothing he likes more than doing things that nobody has done," they say. That limitless ambition, that need to always be better than the day before, has played a trick on him in the early stages of his career in the form of loud anger. Little by little he has managed to reorient it towards a positive channel: "He has been qualifying and softening it. Golf has taught him that you cannot always win." Reading, meditation and his mental coach, Joseba Del Carmen, have been some of his tools in this process. "He has spent many hours in the mental part. He has seen himself on television and that is not the image he wants to convey. That fire continues to push him but he has managed, and has great merit, not to externalize it" .

The majors, "his carrot"

Far from the fields the text shows a humble guy, "totally normal", who continues to have breakfast in the same place while chatting with a friend from the university who is employed there or going to look for his father-in-law's car ( since last December he has been married to Kelley Cahill) to the workshop; "a fan of his sport" able to spend hours discussing golf history with Mickelson or watching tournaments; a personality of "great champion", that by "charisma" and capacity of drag Rodríguez places at the height of Nadal.

In a sport so volatile, often even cruel, predicting a future full of successes is always a risky bet. So far Rahm has managed to climb twice to the top of the world rankings and has won in two circuits, the European Tour and the PGA, but he is hungry for majors. "That is his carrot and he is going to get it," launch Rodríguez and Durán, who see the Augusta Masters as the most feasible. "If you get one soon, more will fall", they say with the assurance of someone who speaks of someone touched by the magic wand, of "the highest class", appointed by the gods to accompany them on Olympus.

* Jon Rahm: Appointed by the Gods is a publication of Ten Golf Books and Lantia Publishing House. It can be purchased now at tengolf.es and will soon arrive at the usual points of sale.

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