Butler and the bubble shenanigans: sell coffees for $ 20

The Heat player offers up to 9 types of coffee in 3 sizes, all of them priced at $ 20. Despite the high cost, the business is succeeding in the bubble.


Focusing 24 hours a day on the Orlando bubble has forced NBA players to reinvent themselves and seek new hobbies. One of the most innovative is the one proposed by Jimmy Butler. The Heat guard spends much of his time off on the NBA Campus producing his own coffee and supplying it to the players, coaches and managers of the now 16 franchises present in Orlando.

In an interview with ESPN, Butler acknowledges his passion for coffee and the enormous difficulties for players to consume this product during their stay in Orlando: "I have my own coffee machine, a French press, and other accessories to develop my own coffee skills. As soon as I finish my degree, I'll open a coffee shop. You can't get coffee easily here, so I think I should raise the price to $ 30. People can afford it, that's why there's no problem, "he acknowledged .

Butler offers all members of the bubble up to a total of 9 varieties of coffee in 3 different sizes. Despite the variations in the size of the mug, the price of $ 20 remains. The player supplies the product in plastic cups and glasses with their initials. Some players have echoed the escort business. Among them, his teammate Meyers Leonard, who uploaded a photograph of Butler's offer to social networks, a publication that he later withdrew.

Beyond free time, Butler and the Heat are already targeting the playoffs. The Miami franchise was already arriving in Orlando with the ticket taken for the first round in the East. Despite this, those of Spoelstra came fourth and could be from third to sixth. Finally, and with only 3 wins in 8 games, they finished fifth. The Heat lost fourth place in their final stakes of the regular season, in which they lost 109-92 to the Pacers. Precisely, Nate McMillan's will be his rivals in the first round of the East. In this way, the Heat return to a playoffs two seasons later, after finishing last season in tenth position in the East.

Much of the future of Miami in the final rounds depends on Jimmy Butler. The guard has finished the regular phase as the player with the best scoring and assists average of his team. Similarly, the American guard has been the second most reboundering player of those from Spoelstra, only surpassed by Bam Adebayo.

The one from Houston will enter the series against the Pacers with very little running. And it is that, Butler was absent from 4 games for a supposed rest that Spoelstra gave to one of his stars, but his partner Jim Crowder dropped that the cause was to test positive for coronavirus. Despite this, Butler has averaged 16 points, 7.2 rebounds and 6.5 assists in the 4 games he played.

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