Bono: "I always felt like I was on this team's boat"

The Sevilla goalkeeper insists on his alliance with the group and does not look to the future: "I am focused on the semifinal, it is the important thing now."


What are the feelings before the game?

I have the sensations that we feel every preview, in every game. There is illusion and responsibility for the party that arrives.

Would you like to stay at Sevilla?

My future? At the moment I am focused on the semifinal. It is the most important thing now.

Do you see Sevilla as a family?

I always felt in the boat of this team, playing or not playing, good or bad. I always felt like a Sevilla player who is ready to contribute something important. The more such players you add, the closer you are to winning and making history. If there is less, it gets complicated.

Do you know who shoots United penalties? Have you practiced?

In each game we study it but that is still the moment when it is launched and must be stopped.

Has Gudelj's arrival helped?

When a colleague arrives who went through a difficult situation and you see him physically well, that encourages you, gives you a bonus. Nemanja is part of this group and all footballers notice it.

United have broken the Premier League penalty record. Are you ready? 444 444

We know that in the end United is a team that has very talented players, good players at the top and that is why they cause more penalties.

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