Blazers, Suns, Spurs and Grizzlies play-in accounts

Four teams for two positions today: the eighth and the ninth will play the play in the weekend and the winner will face the Lakers in the first round.


The NBA already knows 15 of the 16 teams that will play in the playoffs for the title starting next Monday. There is only one free place, the eighth of the Western Conference, for which the Portland Trail Blazers, Memphis Grizzlies, Phoenix Suns and San Antonio Spurs fight and that will be decided on Saturday or, perhaps, Sunday in the play in. This new format consists of the following: if the ninth classified at the end of the campaign is four games or less behind the eighth, it will challenge him for that position. The ninth must win two consecutive duels to his rival to snatch it from him. If the eighth wins the first (Saturday), they will definitely keep the place in the playoffs. If he loses it, he will have another chance on the second and final (Sunday) .

Of the four franchises with options for the two play-in spots, Portland (eighth) and Memphis (ninth) are the only ones that depend on themselves. Those of Oregon only have to beat Brooklyn this Thursday (03:00) to maintain an eighth position that they have reached by Damian Lillard. The point guard, a great candidate to be the MVP in Orlando, is the top scorer of the bubble (37 points on average), with masterful exhibitions against the Sixers (51) and the Mavericks (61). For their part, Tennessee's will keep the ninth place in the West, if they beat Milwaukee (22:00). The eighth position depends on a loss by the Blazers. And although his presence in the play-in seems easy, it is not: Memphis arrived in Florida with a good advantage that has been diluted with just one victory in seven games.

Phoenix and San Antonio, waiting

Some bad steps that Phoenix (tenth) intends to take advantage of. The Suns, who must overcome Dallas (22:00, Movistar Deportes) and await the results of Portland and Memphis, are the revelation in this restart. They came in with the second worst record of the 22 teams qualified for the bubble, the lowest in the West, and now have their first final rounds in ten years very close after adding seven wins in seven meetings. Full plenary session. They are the only undefeated team in Orlando thanks to a superlative Devin Booker (31 points) and a splendid Ricky Rubio. Whether or not they enter the playoffs, the job will be honorary.

San Antonio Spurs (eleventh) is the worst. He must beat the Utah Jazz (00:30) and hope for a miracle. If the Texas franchise is left out of the postseason it would spell the end of an entire era: Gregg Popovich's team has had 22 consecutive playoffs, just one short of beating the Syracuse National-Philadelphia 76ers NBA record.

The play scores in

- The Blazers will be eighth if they win or if each and every one of their opponents loses - The Blazers will secure ninth place if two of their three opponents lose - The Grizzlies would be eighth if they win and the Blazers lose .- The Grizzlies will be ninth if they win or Phoenix and San Antonio lose.- The Suns will be eighth if they win and Portland and Memphis lose.- The Suns will be ninth if they win and Portland or Memphis lose.- The Spurs will be eighth if they win and Everyone else loses - The Spurs will finish ninth if they win and lose two of their three opponents.

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