Baskonia wins the Euskal Kopa of the return of the public

They beat Bilbao in a good game in Mendizorroza, with the presence of 445 spectators, separated from each other and distributed by the side stands. Dress rehearsal for upcoming matches.


The first rehearsal that has been carried out with the public in basketball during the Euskal Kopa, at the Mendizorroza sports center in Vitoria, has been a relief and a joy. Sport is beginning to prove to itself that it is possible for people to return, their reason for being, and normality and the absence of incidents have been the characteristic notes in almost two hours in which the old Basque venue has been the focus of nationwide care. Perhaps driven by that pleasant presence, Baskonia and Bilbao Basket have starred in a beautiful show, an exciting match until the final three minutes, in which the Biscayan, already out of steam and prisoners of impotence, ran out of options.

In a venue with 3,500 seats, a total of 445 spectators, divided equally in the two side stands, came to witness the trophy organized by the Basque Basketball Federation. This was scrupulous to comply with the regulations and protocols established by the Basque Government and the rest of the competent authorities that establish a maximum of 600 attendees in closed venues, including athletes and organization personnel. The public entered the pavilion with a mask and respecting the safety distances in the entrances to a bleacher in which each spectator was seated alone, separated by two seats with the next to leave the regulation meter and a half and without being able to move around the installation . At rest not a soul arose. Much civility.

Now they want to go further and on September 12 and 13 they will try to get more people in Miribilla in the women's Super Cup. And the Endesa Super Cup itself that will be held on the 12th in Tenerife and in which TD Systems Baskonia, Real Madrid, Barça and Iberostar Tenerife will take part, could also open the door to the fans, given today's happy rehearsal.

The derby was a feast for the eyes, especially at this stage of the preparation of both teams, who appeared with absences: Vildoza from Baskonia and Hakanson and Serron from Biscay. As it is a derby and with an official tournament in between, there were no jokes, rather a lot of physical contact to the limit. Lots of firewood. RETAbet started very loose, with great circulation of the ball and a 0-9 put them ahead with a cushion that made them navigate with more confidence: 10-15. He then went to an 11 lead with Rousselle asserting her lighthearted game and Balvin dominating the paint. Even Betolaza, an illustrious surname in Bilbao, had time to accumulate experience and had some good details, such as a one-handed pass along the baseline for the Czech pivot to finish off the basket.

Activity was frantic from the 'men in black' on both sides of the track. His game was very balanced: the triples entered with good percentages, the open four (Kulboka) generated spaces and the interiors were imposed under the basket. Jones loves to play over the rim and that year his partnership with Rousselle will pay off in the orchard of Mumbrú. Both paraded for fouls and that ended up weighing. Baskonia was raising the pressure line and wore down Brown, Polonara, one of the heroes of the title won in June, is climbing rungs in the hierarchy of Baskonia and set a superb game to revalidate the Basque reign. Ivanovic's team regained control with 2:48 to go to end the third quarter, thanks to their excellent midfield defense. The 'Dusko formula'. steal, run and score. Or take fouls. The 71-70, with a basket from Balvin to get to one, was the last vestige of emotion. Errors and untimely fouls ruined the afternoon for Mumbrú's troops in their third summer match (victory against Estu and stumbling blocks against Burgos and TD Systems). Two unsportsmanlike, Rousselle and Brown, and a technique to the French base put an end to the resistance of a Bilbao Basket whose lungs did not give him for more against the ACB champion, who started the preseason with a defeat against Burgos and is already going getting into the good lane.

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