Banega and Ocampos are a mine

Another center from the Argentine and the Argentine's 17th goal put Sevilla in the semifinals at the end of the game against the Wolves. He will play on Sunday against Manchester United in Cologne.


A goal by Lucas Ocampos, the 17th he has scored this season, puts Sevilla in the semifinals of their competition, the Europa League, after an exercise in patience, touch football and endurance that ended up imposing on the rudimentary but very well executed football of the Wolves. The English team has nine Portuguese on their squad, including their coach, Nuno, but they practice low defense and kick and rush with the precision that was in the islands 30 years ago, marinated by no small quality. It almost worked out for him, or at least it started to work out, because he missed a penalty that would have made things much more difficult for Lopetegui's team. Bono stopped him and then the field always tilted down for the Nervionenses, who are placed on the penultimate step towards the title for the sixth time in their history. Manchester United awaits Sunday, nothing more and nothing less. In Cologne.

"Don't let a rod move", Monchi had harangued through social networks hours after eliminating Roma brilliantly. And Lopetegui paid attention to him. The Basque coach did not touch the line-up, although in the previous one he warned that the Wolves do not resemble the Italian team at all, he again faced a back of three centrals. But this one much more armored, predisposed to not have the ball and to get close to his goalkeeper when necessary. Against teams like this, Sevilla has usually felt uncomfortable this season and it happened again.

The Dutch pivot Dendoncker, one of the novelties of the English eleven, chased Banega to the bathroom. Navas, Ocampos and Reguilón barely had space to run and Sevilla had a hard time weaving plays near the rival area. Nor is it that Wolverhampton, who did not want the ball, created too much danger ... for whoever it created was: nothing less than a penalty. Adama touched the ball little but when he did he was almost unstoppable. At 10 minutes he mounted a tremendous gallop from his own field and Diego Carlos had no choice but to knock him down when he faced Bono. The Moroccan goalkeeper justified his new ownership, although Vaclik has already been recovered for weeks. Bono held the paradinha to Raúl Jiménez and, beware, caused the first failure of the Mexican forward from 11 meters in his entire professional club career. He had only missed one before, of 27 pitches, and it had been with his selection.

The extra life did not spur enough to a Sevilla that had come out winded, who almost never looked like the one who marveled in the eighth. Not enough to disturb Rui Patricio often. Some isolated shot from Suso, a shot from Ocampos, uncomfortable on the field, which went near the post and several corner kicks without even a shot were what lit up Nervión's team, who left for the locker room with the happiness of the failure opponent from the penalty spot.

It was difficult for Sevilla to find a gap also in the second half but Ocampos managed it. But Jordan, who was supposed to finish off his death pass, stole Dendoncker's wallet. The Catalan regretted not having protected his shot in a very clear goal semi-occasion. In Nesiry, shortly after, he was blocked after a great play in front of the goalkeeper. Nor did Koundé come close to finishing between the three suits a good center tempered by Suso.

Banega put Rui Patricio to the test in a frontal free kick that came out too centered. Wolverhampton had already shamelessly entered their fold a long time ago, still relatively comfortable and waiting for an opportunity to bite into a long ball, a counter, a ball into the area ... The one who scored with his head like that, however, was the Seville. Banega spotted the penalty spot and there he found Ocampos, his barbecue partner, who combed enough for him to enter after bouncing, as the canons of the headbutt command. There was no time for anything.

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