Ayuso and Arrieta, Top-10 in the junior chrono of the Europeans

The Spaniards made a great performance in the chrono, where the Czech Vacek won. The Dutch van der Bregen, female elite time trial champion.


This Monday the starting gun was given to the European Time Trial Championships, which will be held from today until Friday in the French city of Plouay, with the junior category men's and women's time trial events.

In the men's event, great performance by the Spanish cyclists, who finished in the Top-10 of the event. Czech Mathias Vacek took the gold medal with a time of 32:39, four seconds better than German Marco Brenner, who took silver, and 18 seconds better than Italian Lorenzo Milesi, who was bronze. Juan Ayuso, who will compete as a professional at UAE Emirates next season, finished in fifth position 53 seconds behind Vacek, while Igor Arrieta finished in tenth position 1:13 behind the Czech's time.

Classification of the junior men's chrono of the Plouay Europeans

1. Mathias Vacek (Czech Republic) 32: 39

2. Marco Brenner (Germany) at 0: 0

. Lorenoz Milesi (Italy) at 0: 18

4. Fran Miholjevic (Croatia) at 0: 47

5. Juan Ayuso (Spain) at 0: 53

10. Igor Arrieta (Spain) at 1: 13

First elite time trial title for van der Breggen

The Netherlands' Anna van der Breggen has been proclaimed European time trial champion in the event held in Plouay (France) through 25.6 kilometers of route.

Van der Breggen, 30, Olympic champion in 2016 and world champion on the road in 2018, set a time of 34.03 minutes, ahead of his compatriot Ellen van Dijk, five times European time trial champion, by 31 seconds and the Swiss Marlen Reusser by 59.

The Dutch champion had won the European time trial gold in the sub-23 category in 2012 and the absolute road gold in 2016. This season she won the Valencian Cycling Week, the Netherlands Road Championship and this Monday she finished with the title continental chrono. No Spanish runner took part in the test.

Classification of the elite women's chrono of the Plouay Europeans

1. Anna van der Breggen (Netherlands) 34: 03

2. Ellen van Dijk (Netherlands) at 0: 31

. Marlen Reusser (Switzerland) at 0: 59

4. Lisa Brennauer (Germany) at 1: 1

5. Vittoria Bussi (Italy) at 1: 33

Uijen, a cyclone in the junior women's clock

In the junior women's category, a resounding triumph for the Dutch Elise Uijen, who stopped the clock in 37:24 rolling at more than 41 km / h on average and who was more than a minute ahead of the French Maeva Squiban, silver, and Italian Carlotts Cipressi, bronze. Good performance by the Spanish cyclists Idoia Eraso and Inés Cantera, who finished 15th and 16th in the classification.

Classification of the junior women's chrono of the Plouay Europeans

1. Elise Uijen (Netherlands) 37: 2

2. Maeva Squiban (France) at 1: 01

. Carlotta Cipressi (Italy) at 1: 28

4. Shirin Van Anrooij (Netherlands) at 1:


5. Annika Liehner (Switzerland) at 1: 53

15. Idoia Eraso (Spain) at 3: 47

16. Inés Cantera (Spain) at 4: 10

Andreas Leknsessund wins the men's U-23 race

Norwegian Andreas Leknessund clinches the title of European U-23 time trial champion. Leknessund, who started as one of the favorites, flew at almost 50 km / h to beat the Swiss Stefan Bissegger, who finished at 24 seconds and took silver, and the Belgian Ilan Van Wilder, who finished bronze at 40 seconds from Norwegian.

Classification of the men's U-23 chrono of the Plouay Europeans

1. Andreas Leknessund (Norway) 30: 58

2. Stefan Bissegger (Switzerland) at 0: 2

. Ilan Van Wilder (Belgium) at 0: 29

4. Thomas Pidcock (UK) at 0: 40

5. Jonathan Milan (Italy) at 0: 56

Hannah Ludwig repeats title in the sub-time 2

The German Hannah Ludwig revalidated her title of European champion in the women's sub-23 time of the Plouay Europeans. Ludwig led the German party in the modality, since the silver medal went to his compatriot Franziska Koch, who finished 25 seconds behind Ludwig, and the bronze went to the Polish Marta Jaskulska, who finished 1:19 of the time of the German cyclist

Classification of the women's sub-23 chrono in the Plouay Europeans

1. Hannah Ludwig (Germany) 35: 53

2. Franziska Koch (Germany) at 0: 25

. Marta Jaskulska (Poland) at 1: 19

4. Elena Pirrone (Italy) at 1: 22

5. Shari Bossuyt (Belgium) at 1: 35

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