Ayrton Senna is the fastest in history; Fernando Alonso, 5th

F1 in collaboration with Amazon Web Services has published the results of an algorithm-based study to determine the fastest driver since 1983.


Determining who has been the best driver ever, who has had the best hands or who has been the fastest in history is one of the most debated questions by experts and Formula 1 fans. The complexity of comparing drivers from different eras, marked by the technological differences of the cars in different years, is one of the stumbling blocks to emphatically launch any conclusion.

But F1 in collaboration with Amazon Web Services has created an algorithm to establish who is the fastest driver from 1983 to the present day. The algorithm, "totally objective" according to its developers, "eliminates the differences between the cars", to produce the cleanest possible results in which, according to F1, "pure speed" dominates .

After analyzing the data of the drivers in qualifying, comparing them with other drivers and teammates, the result is that the Brazilian driver Ayrton Senna is the fastest. Fernando Alonso, for his part, occupies the fifth place in this 'classification' behind the Brazilian, Schumacher, Hamilton and Verstappen. Carlos Sainz would be in position 14, within the Top-20. "It is important to note that pure speed is the only driver element we are looking at here, to showcase the fastest drivers in history," explains Rob Smedley, director of Formula 1.

statistics system.How does the algorithm work? drivers in relation to their teammates (and the teammates of those teammates ...). "

In addition, a series of essential requirements were taken into account to be able to prepare the ranking: "The teammates had to have completed at least five qualifying sessions with each other before being compared. Age was also taken into account, while if a driver was returning to the sport after three or more seasons outside of F1, that was also considered. The algorithm also gives a higher ranking to drivers who dominated their teammates over time, or those who showed themselves well against strong teammates ".

The 20 fastest in history

1 Ayrton Senna

2 Michael Schumacher, at 0.114 seconds

Lewis Hamilton, at 0.275 seconds

4 Max Verstappen, at 0.280 seconds

5 Fernando Alonso, at 0.309 seconds

6 Nico Rosberg, at 0.370 seconds

7 Charles Leclerc, at 0.376 seconds

8 Heikki Kovalainen, at 0.378 seconds

9 Jarno Trulli, at 0.409 seconds

10 Sebastian Vettel, at 0.435 seconds

11 Rubens Barrichello, at 0.445 seconds

12 Nico Hulkenberg, at 0.456 seconds

13 Valtteri Bottas, at 0.457 seconds

14 Carlos Sainz, at 0.457 seconds

15 Lando Norris, at 0.459 seconds

16 Daniel Ricciardo, at 0.461 seconds

17 Jenson Button, at 0.462 seconds

18 Robert Kubica, at 0.463 seconds

19 Giancarlo Fisichella, at 0.469 seconds

20 Alain Prost, at 0.514 seconds

Photos from as.com
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