Atlético seeks a goal

The rojiblanco team combs the market to strengthen itself at the top, but with a very delicate economic situation. You have to balance transfer and record.


Atlético knows they have a serious goal problem. The scoring figures were alarming despite ending up achieving the league goal and certifying the presence in the next Champions as third parties thanks to the final arreón after the break. If Atlético finished on the podium it was not due to the success of their points, where Morata finished as the top finisher in the competition with 12 goals, the lowest statistic of a rojiblanco benchmark in the league since 1999.

But getting a top scorer in this transfer market is a highly difficult task. The crisis caused by the coronavirus also significantly affects football and Atlético's financial resources to face new incorporations are scarce. Miguel Ángel Gil has already announced that "the idea is to make a maximum of 3 or 4 changes to the squad. Only players whose investment does not exceed 25% of the amount we enter from player sales or savings from current player exits will be able to arrive." . One of those signings is that of Ivo Grbic for the goal. Another is expected in the center of the field and one at the attack point.

The future of Costa marks the planning

Morata and Diego Costa have not lived a good course in front of goal and if the former has scored 16 goals in all competitions, the latter has finished with five. The Saponjic variant has had a residual role and now Atlético is combing the market in search of a forward who can be an alternative to their two 'nines' or who will replace one of them. Costa is not sure of his continuity, he only has one year left on his contract and it is one of the highest salaries in the workforce.

In this case, his departure would allow him to tackle new hires, where Cavani's name appears again. With the Uruguayan it would be practically a change of cards: a 33-year-old player to replace a 31-year-old with another very high salary, but without the need to negotiate a transfer, since he is without a team. Curiously, Benfica had become the great candidate to sign Cavani, but his high economic pretensions have ruled him out and the Portuguese have a plan B in Costa itself. In other alternatives with lower salary aspirations, Atlético is seen with the great Difficulty reaching an agreement with the club of origin.

In the case of Milik, the claims of Napoli have been declining significantly, but even so they are unattainable for Atlético and there is no agreement for the exchange of players. For Lacazette, I wish for years, the rojiblanco club could offer Lemar, but Arsenal have their interest in Thomas, an untouchable for Cholo. Another who has been on the agenda for a long time is Rodrigo and Valencia needs to sell. But his season with only seven goals and his position furthest from the area changes the style.

There are other lower-profile forwards who have performed well and are on the agenda such as Luis Suárez, who scored 19 goals in his loan from Watford to Zaragoza or Chimy Ávila with his 11 goals in Osasuna before seriously injured in January. An economic bobbin lace to be able to balance the accounts both in the salary space and in the case of having to pay a transfer. The option of incorporating a player on loan, as happened with Carrasco in January (for example in the same Chinese league there are players like Bakambu) is also on the table. What Atlético is also clear about is that its important effort will come if there is a player who can improve what is present, if not the forward will stay as it is.

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