Atlético need a scorer: the worst top scorer since 1999

Between Morata and Costa they have not improved Griezmann's worst season. Falcao achieved the same goals in a match as the Spanish-Brazilian this year in 30.


EI Atlético has suffered from a pressing goal foul. The two wingers of the team, Morata and Diego Costa, have lived through a gray season and the team has suffered excessively from the departure of Griezmann with no one who has taken responsibility in the final meters on their backs.

The Frenchman said goodbye last summer to sign with Barcelona, where he has also not had a productive year as a regular substitute in key games, while Simeone has not recovered from the loss of his top scorer during the five seasons he was a member of the club since his signing in 2014 from Real Sociedad. In his place came the very young João Félix with the idea of supplying balls to the offensive duo, who during the preseason formed a pair upstairs whenever he could with the Portuguese starting from the right wing. Goals like 3-7 against Real Madrid (four from Costa) and the good summer sensations did not presage that the team would dry up so completely once the official matches began.

But, with the passing of the days, the injuries and the poor level of the two rams has meant that they have practically never met on the pitch. Morata finished the season as the team's top scorer with 16 goals: 12 in the League, three in the Champions League and one in the Spanish Super Cup. Diego Costa for his part has finished with five goals, all of them in the league. Between the two they have not been able to improve on Griezmann's worst course as an rojiblanco, last season in which he also scored 21 goals (15 in the league). The Frenchman, who in the 2015-16 season reached 32 goals in all competitions, seven of them to reach the Champions League final, has also been the top rojiblanco assistant in his last three years.

The figures of the team's two battering rams practically make it impossible for Atlético to compete for titles. It cost the team a world to generate danger and those above to convert it. If it was necessary to sweat blood to certify the third place in the League, in the Champions League, where all the hopes of the fans were placed, between Costa and Morata they never finished off the goal of Leipzig, although the Spanish-Brazilian assisted João Félix in the play that was the penalty of the momentary draw. Throughout the season it has been clear that the rojiblanco team needs a benchmark face to door. Going to the market with few resources or trusting in the evolution of Morata, Costa or João Félix is the dilemma that Atlético faces in the remainder of the summer.

The worst Pichichi since 1999

Atletico finished third despite having the Pichichi with the lowest scoring figure in the 21st century squad. Morata scored 12 goals in the league, numbers that have not been seen since the 1998-99 season, when José Mari and Correa were the team's top scorers in the competition with only seven goals, although the Uruguayan only played 13 games.

In that period, for example, Atlético declined despite Hasselbaink's 24 goals, had its Golden Boot in Forlán with 32 goals to finish fourth, won LaLiga with 27 from Diego Costa or saw Falcao do in a single match of 2012 a repóker to Deportivo, that is, the same goals that Costa this course in 30 games. Torres was the reference for the five seasons following promotion, some of them with only 13 league goals, but in a team that was competing for seventh place, not for the title.

After El Niño, the Agüero-Forlán couple returned the team to the Champions League, contrasting their quality above with the weakness behind. But with the arrival of Simeone, Atlético has got used to fighting for the maximum. Since his first full season on the bench, he has always finished in the top three finishers, winning La Liga in 2013-14 and starting this year with two consecutive runners-up ahead of Real Madrid. Falcao, the Costa before going to Chelsea and Griezmann had been fundamental pieces. Now, the figure of the always defining scorer of Atleti has been lost and it will be very difficult to dream of high levels if it does not recover.

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