"At Atleti we didn't have money for a coffee and I called Rivaldo"

Futre tells an anecdote from when he was the sports director of the rojiblanco club. Compare that operation with that of Benfica and Cavani.


Paulo Futre has told an anecdote about when he was athletic director of Atlético de Madrid and they tried to sign Rivaldo, who has just been released in Barcelona. He has compared that operation with the current one of Benfica and Cavani.

"When I was athletic director of Atlético de Madrid, in the year in which we managed to get up to the First Division, we were involved in a judicial maneuver and we didn't even have money for a coffee. Many times, to achieve a signing we had to invent financial maneuvers to convince them. In that summer of 2002, Rivaldo rescinded his contract with Barcelona and was released. I got his number through Sampaio and called him. I still remember my conversation with Rivaldo today and he said something like this: "Beast, Madrid is a fantastic city You will fall in love like I fell in love You will also be a god for the best fans in the world, such as the colchoneros, and you will be trained by one of the best coaches, such as the wise Luis Aragonés. The only small problem is that we can only pay you your salary in six years and the other sharks pay you in three. In three years you can go wherever you want and Atlético will continue to pay ... ", I told him," Futre said in Record.

"Despite having little hope, I thought that Rivaldo was going to give a negative answer quickly, but he did not. He thought for a few seconds and said that he would like me to have a meeting with his agent. Days later, I met with his manager in a hotel in Barcelona and I had never seen so many top-level sports directors in the same hotel, but I had the privilege of being the first to have the meeting. For several days, despite knowing that it was almost a miracle, there was always faith inside of me, but the agent called me to tell me that Rivaldo had chosen AC Milan, thanking him for the offer he had made. I say this, because when you talk about the best players in the world you never waste time. Trying does not cost, as he did Benfica in the case of Cavani, who is still one of the best strikers in the world. But absolutely sure that the club always had other objectives in case the deal failed, "he said.

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