Antetokounmpo: "We have not been up to par in Orlando"

The Hellenic was very critical of the Budenholzer level in the bubble. The '34' assured that they must improve in circulation of the ball and defensive intensity to be able to aspire to the ring.


In the early hours of Friday to Saturday, the NBA lowered the curtain on the regular season. The coronavirus pandemic upset any forecast made earlier in the season and led 22 of the 30 franchises to focus and isolate themselves from the virus in the Orlando bubble. Many teams came to the NBA Campus with their homework done and without any sporting incentive for the 8 regular-phase games in Orlando.

The lack of sports motivation and the risk of injury, led more than one coach to bet on giving continuity to the substitutes and reserving the first spades for the playoffs. Mike Budenholzer and Giannis Antetokounmpo's minute management was no exception. The Athenian forward has played an average of 19 minutes per game in the last 4 stakes, in which he has been available. And is that Giannis, could not play the last game of the regular phase against the Grizzlies, after the NBA imposed a penalty game and a fine of $ 178,225, after giving a header to Moritz Wagner, player of the Wizards.

Rotations and lack of ambition have taken their toll on the Bucks in Orlando. Budenholzer's men have ended up winning 1 of the last 4 games and have only added 3 wins in 8 games. Beyond the results, Budenholzer's men have left much to be desired in defense and attack, a facet in which they have shown great irregularity. The statistics are not deceiving and the Bucks have gone from being the strongest team in the competition to being the tenth, so an analysis within the Milwaukee franchise seems necessary.

Situation that far from leaving the wardrobe indifferent has left more than one affected. This is what Giannis says in a statement collected on ESPN: "The results are almost the least of it, because losing is part of this game. The most frustrating thing has been that we have not been able to be ourselves. It has not been us or in we have not even defended the circulation of the ball in the way we know in all the games. We have been very irregular in defense, "he analyzed.

For the Athenian forward, one of the most frustrating moments was having to stay in the hotel against the Grizzlies, due to the sanction imposed by the NBA: "I think the most frustrating thing for me was the Memphis game. I had to staying in the hotel room without being able to participate, helping my colleagues to compete and win. I have also lost a significant amount of money due to the penalty, "he acknowledged.

One of the big factors that will influence the future of the Bucks will be the state of form and motivation of Antetokounmpo. The Greek is the leader of Budenholzer's team both in points, rebounds and assists, so his success seems decisive. Leaving the regular phase behind, the Milwaukee reach the playoffs as leaders of the East for the second consecutive season. The Magic will be their first stumbling block in the fight for the ring.

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