Another victory for Rossi's quarry with Vietti's first

The one with the Sky VR46 prevails brilliantly in the second round of Austria, ahead of Arbolino and Ogura, with Arenas fifth to remain the outstanding leader.


Maestro Nieto called the Spanish quarry, with the grace that characterized him, as 'the blender', because he was capable of obtaining new values with the ease of making mayonnaise. The blender in our country continues to work, but it is no longer our exclusive, because in Italy they have had their own for some time and with a brand made in Italy, that of Valentino Rossi. The last triumph with the hallmark of the champion has come at the Moto3 Styrian GP at the hands of Vietti, a young man who was the rookie of the season last year and who at the Red Bull Ring has signed his first World Cup victory.

Celestino has crossed the finish line ahead of Arbolino, who is the only one who has been able to dispute the victory until the last lap and Ogura, who has won the battle for the third step of the podium to Rodrigo and Arenas, who is now leading with 25 rental points on Ogura.

The race was a large group for much of it, although with fewer units than other times. Up to 12 drivers were the ones who really came to dream of the podium, but there was a throw with five laps to go that created a small cut between the top four and the rest. It was when Öncü lost control of his KTM in the braking of the first corner and took his teammate Sasaki with him to the ground. Real bad luck for his team, the Red Bull KTM Tech 3, and concern that the Turk had to be taken to the clinic.

In terms of the title, McPhee's fall was very important, because he finished second overall, 28 points behind Superman Arenas and now that position is inherited by Ogura. The Scotsman was one of the six pilots who fell. Among them, an Alcove that was fighting to contact the leading group. The anger hurt more than the blow.

With respect to the rest of the Spanish, the first to speak of is Raúl Fernández, who finished eighth. It is difficult for the Madrilenian to finish off his great performances in training in the race, but sooner or later his first World Cup podium should come. Further back, García tenth with a long lap penalty included, Masiá 14º, López 20º (also with a penalty) and Tatay 21º.


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