Another option for the '9': Atlético, pending Luis Suárez

Atlético remains attentive to the forward's movements, but needs Barça to release him and make money to bid for his signing.


Atletico are looking for a scorer and this week a way has opened up for them to find him that they did not expect. Luis Suárez, discarded by Barça, joins the list of strikers that, with their pros and cons, has been managing Berta for months (Milik, Cavani, Lacazette ...). It is not that the Madrid club has made a move, but from the Wanda Metropolitano they will be attentive to the movements of the Uruguayan. In case there are options ...

Luis Suárez, 33, is not part of Koeman's plans, but he will not be short of suitors. If he gets the freedom card, many clubs are going to go after him and that plays against Atlético, highly conditioned by the salary cap. The Uruguayan has a very high record at Barça and, although it is lowered, the rojiblanco club has to make numbers to see if it is viable. The economic issue is the biggest obstacle, both for him and for any signing that Atleti is going to undertake.

A plan like Villa's in 13-14

But when the news broke that Suárez will leave Barça, some messages were crossed within the Madrid club. He is a striker very much liked by Simeone, who has followed him since he was at Liverpool. Although his recent performance has not been as good as in previous seasons, in 19-20 he finished with 21 goals, 16 in the league. At Atlético, many remember Villa's signing in 2013. The Asturian arrived at the age of 31, after a difficult season at Barça, and formed a decisive tandem with Diego Costa to win the League and reach the Champions League final. In 2020, Cavani and Luis Suárez fit into a similar situation, immediate performance for one or two seasons. Atleti assumes that this summer it will be difficult to make a large outlay for a 9 and the plan for the reinforcements is to lower prices with players and to seek assignments.

If Suárez is free, the rojiblancas accounts will go through how to satisfy the striker's claims. To do this, he will have to make cash with some of the footballers in the shop window and, in addition, alleviate the wage bill. Here the focus points directly to Diego Costa, one of the highest chips in the squad. If he comes out, the club will have an easier time scoring the Uruguayan. If not, almost impossible.

Atlético awaits events before taking any step, but does not lose sight of this market opportunity, although the competition for the goalscorer will be tremendous ...

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