Anelka's first day in Madrid: "What am I doing here? It was the beginning of a nightmare"

The striker reviews his entire time at Real Madrid on Netflix. His arrival, his goals, his rebellion. "I understood what it means to be a star when I came to Madrid and I hated it"


With sincerity and openness. Nicolas Anelka reviews his Netflix documentary during a good stretch of his time at Real Madrid. The young Frenchman had already passed through Paris Saint-Germain and Arsenal and arrived from London as the most expensive player in the history of football. The expectation was maximum. This is how he narrates and remembers several episodes of his time in Madrid.

The first day

Anelka did not have an easy first day in Madrid. He was introduced and started training with his teammates. With a borrowed kit, his first minutes in the locker room were not easy and helped him to get an idea of what was coming. "I understood what it means to be a star when I arrived at Madrid ... and I hated it. After the press conference, I went to the locker room. I arrived first and sat down. Every player who came told me:" That's my place. " Ah, excuse me, can I sit there? "" Yes, of course, there if "and someone else would come and say:" That's my place. "Like, like twenty times. I thought" What am I doing here? " be a harsh and hostile environment. ”That day was just the beginning of a nightmare," he says.

The pressure

Getting to Real Madrid is not an easy task. Without Arsenal or PSG, they focus their attention, wearing white multiplies them. The Frenchman did not coexist at all well with the media pressure on his arrival in the capital. "The pressure was enormous from the beginning. I realized it because in the press, every day they talked about me or a photo of me appeared. I was not making the cut in the field, in part, because I had no private life. I could not do nothing. I was 20 years old and couldn't go out. They talked about everything I did. If I bought something, it was in the newspapers. The press asks you to open up but I'm not someone open. Maybe that had to do with not they would accept me in the team, that things on the pitch were not good for me, that the press was not on my side ... ", says the Frenchman. His poor performance took him out of eleven and there, the rebellion began.

Strike and redemption

According to Anelka, he asked for a conversation with the club. Things did not go well and he ended up outside the eleven, relegated to the bench. He asked for explanations and they were deferred. Something that did not sit well with him and he acted accordingly. "I scored a goal (against Barcelona) and I was super happy. I didn't play the next game well and then I stopped being a starter. So I went to train one day and said:" We have to talk. "They told me:" After training. "And I refused, I wanted it to go before training. They insisted that no," that later. "Their reaction made me feel bad and I thought that if they were edges, I would be too. I had a street mentality and was not docile at all . " it states. Thus, Anelka decided to go on strike and force the club to sit down with him. Lorenzo Sanz took action. "I missed and the president of Real summoned me. We spoke and he said:" You better go tomorrow. "I replied:" We'll see what happens tomorrow. "They blamed everything on me, even though I just wanted to be left alone. to focus on football and show that I had talent and could play for Madrid, "he explains. Anelka did not show up and was fined by the suspended club for several matches and also with a notable amount of money.

Previous pardon, the young French striker went back to training and playing but his teammates pointed out that they did not like his behavior. "It was hard to go back to training because the players were against me. Many of them came for me on the field but I came from England I was used to the contact. There were some struggles and disputes on the field of play but then everything returned to normal. ", sentence.

A Champions League and regrets

From his maturity, Nico, as the majority of those interviewed call this film, admits that he was not successful during his time at Real Madrid and that he regrets having contributed so little despite the importance of those two goals that put Bayern in the semifinals. "I helped Madrid win the eighth. I am proud of it. I did not contribute almost anything at Real Madrid. I would have liked to contribute more but I did not have the opportunity. I did not do well either. Many things happened. I have many regrets. I wanted to play. at Real Madrid, but I was too young to understand that it involved sacrifices. I shouldn't have said or done certain things but when you do things for the first time, you don't know. It was at the beginning of my career. Maybe too early. I didn't know how to value it. . I did not know that I would not win any more Champions. At 30, you understand the importance. You understand what the Champions League is and you taste it in a different way, "he says.

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