AG2R announces a positive in coronavirus one week before the Tour

The AG2R-La Mondiale reported the positive of Larry Warbasse, which implies that several members of the team who have coincided with him have to serve a period of quarantine.


The AG2R-La Mondiale team has announced the positive for coronavirus of its cyclist Larry Warbasse less than a week before the start of the Tour de France on August 29 in Nice.

Despite having tested positive, Warbasse does not show symptoms of the disease, although the AG2R-La Mondiale team has decided to take a series of measures so that the infections increase in the team.One of these measures has been to make the decision that riders Geoffrey Bouchard, Axel Domont and Ben Gastauer, who were contesting the Tour de Limousin - Nueva Aquintania, have not started this Friday in the last stage. In addition, Domont, Bouchard and Clément Champoussin will not start this Sunday in the distance test of the French Road Cycling Championships.

The reason for the isolation of these runners is due to the fact that Bouchard, Champoussin, Domont and Gastauer shared a team with Warbasse during the Giro de Lombardia dispute last Saturday and now these runners must complete a quarantine period to avoid possible contagions.

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