A respite for Sainz

Carlos Sainz is at a time in his sports career in which not everything goes


Carlos Sainz finds himself at a point in his sports career in which not everything goes. Long after his promising status remains, next year he will compete in a legend (although today it is blurred) called Ferrari. And now it does so with an aspiring McLaren to establish itself as the best car in the middle class, alongside an equally talented Norris. So the demand for the Madrilenian is great, the one that comes from abroad and the one that he imposes himself, even more severe. That is why he needed to reconnect with his best performance, for his car and his team to give him a break to show his potential again. And it has arrived in a setting as propitious as the Spanish GP, the one at home even in these strange times.

Sainz was disgusted with his team. He came to Montmeló after two consecutive zeros at Silvertone, plus some previous blunder that also cost him points. But, above all, we had the feeling that his teammate was taking advantage of him, not only the obvious one of his position in the championship but also in an inertia of evolution that seemed to relegate the Spanish. Norris is a great driver, so Carlos always has to push himself to assert his stripes at Woking. However, I also do not think that what happened to Barcelona is limited to reality, the difference between the two is not the one that was guessed in view of the classification. I consider it vital that Sainz reinforces his confidence throughout 2020; a major challenge awaits him starting next year and starting it with determination would be desirable.

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