A miracle called Seville

The Nervión team, with a budget of 219 million, passes over mastodons such as Inter, United and Roma. It is the club that played the most European finals this century.


219 million budget. Almost twice less than Wolves and Roma, three less than Inter, four less than Manchester United. The Europa League express of the Nervionense team summarizes the miracle of a club that has rebelled against the continental oligarchy, at least against its second line, and challenges it by ruling the Europa League with an iron fist. Six titles in six finals for 14 years for the Nervión team, some won against such tough rivals as the Neroazzurro, Klopp's Liverpool or the Portuguese Benfica, who knelt in the 2014 penalty shootout for the third Sevilla title, the first of a dynasty that included those of 2015 and 2016. The final of the Super Cup to be played on September 24 in Budapest against PSG or Bayern will be the 12th for the Nervionenses: more than any team in Europe in this century.

Monchi left for Roma in 2017 but Sevilla never fell from the elite. That same season, they reached the quarterfinals of the Champions League after defeating Manchester United at Old Trafford and also qualified for a Copa del Rey final, the second in three years. Before the decade turned, in 2007 and 2010, the Nervión team had lifted two Spanish KO tournament titles during golden years in which to the first two UEFAS (2006 and 2007) they would also add two European Super Cups (2006 ) and Spain (2007) .

The capital gains of the Cádiz sports director, who a few weeks ago had been in office for two decades, including the Roman parenthesis, are the basis of the unusual growth of a team that until it reached the European final in Eindhoven and won it in 2006, had been Almost four and a half decades without playing a single title, Real Madrid defeated him in the 1962 Generalissimo Cup. Seville has entered around 500 million in transfers with Monchi as sports executor and that same figure is what the club had as budget objective in the next five years to try to compete with Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético in Spain and the rest of the greats of Europe in search of the definitive jump, the one that would give them the right to look for the last rounds and who knows if any final of Champions.

Sevilla has been a regular in the first continental competition in recent years. Seven times he has played the continental competition since it was released in 2006-2007, eight with which he will play next season with the aforementioned classification for quarterfinals three years ago as a historical milestone, something that he had only achieved once in the maximum continental competition, in 1958. On three other occasions, the Nervionenses reached the round of 16, where they were eliminated by Fenerbahçe, CSKA and Leicester.

Last night's victory will allow the Nervión team to enter Pot 1 of the draw that in principle should be held on October 1. Sevilla, in any case, would have safely entered number 2 due to its privileged UEFA classification, as the continental victories this season have allowed it to rise again to 8th place in the ranking by beating Manchester United, with which it is tied coefficient (100,000) and Liverpool. Two English mastodons that he has defeated (the Red Devils more than once) and that confirm, if he was not already, the miracle of the Sánchez Pizjuán club during the last 15 years.

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