A disaster for F1

Formula 1, like all sport, faced a season full of uncertainties


Formula 1, like all sport, faced a season full of uncertainties. The dire consequences of an unprecedented health, economic and social crisis made it difficult to guess how a championship of this complexity was going to turn out. However, surprisingly, a more than worthy calendar has been designed, hopefully no new complications arise that impede its development. In very special conditions, of course, without an audience in the stands and the coldness that this implies but with races, which is ultimately what is truly important. And it turns out that now the great danger for F1 is not a global pandemic but the insulting authority of Lewis Hamilton, a powerful antidote to emotion, interest and spectacle.

It was quite evident that the champion would continue his streak in 2020. Obviously his leadership is not a surprise, the disheartening thing is that Hamilton has run out of rivals, that simple. It is not because he wins, the problem is how he does it. His partner Bottas is so lukewarm that he avoids any complications inside Mercedes, his attempts are limited to the essentials and without any risk. Verstappen and Red Bull have assumed the superiority of their rivals and are satisfied with the crumbs they leave behind. And little can be said of the disaster of Ferrari, a legend blurred with his worst car in recent times. So, finally, we are almost going to have more careers to spare, little new can be expected from the ones to come.

Photos from as.com
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