Zion's presence against the Jazz hangs by a thread

The presence of the Pelicans franchise player is more than questioned in the opening game of the bubble. He returns to training this Wednesday after 13 days.


It takes just over 48 hours for the NBA to be back. The curtain will be lifted by the duel that will meet the Pelicans and the Jazz at 00:30 Spanish time on Friday. Two teams arriving in totally opposite qualifying situations.

Alvin Gentry's come in tenth place in the Western Conference, but with intact options to fight the Grizzlies, Blazers or Kings to fight for eighth place in the West. Six places above are those of Michael Malone, who look with ambition to be able to fight the second and third place with Clippers and Nuggets, which they have within a stone's throw.

The Pelicans reach the stake against the Jazz after adding full victories during their three preseason games. Gentry's men beat Nets (93-89), Nuggets (119-104) and Bucks (103-124). For their part, the Jazz were able to win their last two preparation duels against the Heat (101-99) and the Nets (107-112), but were unable to beat the Suns in their first game in Orlando, a game in which fell by 101-88.

One of the great focuses of attention and for which the NBA determined that this was the opening game in prime time was the presence of Zion Williamson, one of the names of the season. The Salisbury player is set to be one of the American basketball stars of the future, even going so far as to fight this season for the Rookie of the Year alongside players like Ja Morant of the Grizzlies, RJ Barrett of the Knicks and Kendrick Nunn of the Heat .

However, the attraction of being able to see Williamson again can be nothing for the NBA itself as for the televisions, which see in Zion a great media figure who can bring large audiences both in the United States and abroad. But on July 16, a huge setback developed for both the interests of the Pelicans and the media landscape in the NBA.

Zion Williamson was forced to leave the bubble due to the difficult health situation that one of his family members was going through. 9 days later, No. 1 from last year's Draft returned to Orlando. Despite his return, the player has been forced to spend a quarantine of 4 days in his room, after having failed all the tests that have been carried out during his absence in the bubble. If he had carried out other activities, such as Lou Williams, his quarantine could have been 10 days.

So, Williamson would be quarantined on Tuesday and will return to training on Wednesday. With only 2 days to train, and with the serious physical history that Williamson presents in his resume, it is at least unlikely that Zion could be available at full capacity for the duel against the Jazz, after almost 2 weeks away from the courts.

A media choice that indicates that it will follow in the footsteps of what happened at the start of the season. Williamson, who came with honors to the NBA after his college stage and after his success in the draft, saw his plans turned upside down when 5 days after debut he was diagnosed with a serious knee injury that would prevent him from making his debut against the Raptors and not being able to compete until the month of January. A new shot missed by the NBA to exalt Williamson before the media scene.

Away from the accusations to his family for having taken advantage of Williamson's condition to get a financial cut in the player's university stage, something totally prohibited in the United States, Williamson was able to perform for two and a half months at a stratospheric level, demonstrating that his future star is more than justified.

He was barely able to play 19 games before the suspension but his scoring averages and contribution to the team were very high. 23.6 points, 6.8 rebounds and 2.2 assists guarantee Zion to be one of the great leaders of the Pelicans in the assault on eighth place in the Western Conference.

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