Yamaha does not trust: "The stars are aligned with Marquez"

"Marc is the only one who can take the Honda and get the best out of it. But it all comes to an end," says Lin Jarvis, Yamaha CEO.


50 points. This is the advantage that Fabio Quartararo has over Marc Márquez in the 2020 MotoGP World Championship after the two zeros accumulated by Marc and the two victories achieved by Quartararo in the double of tests disputed in the Jerez-Ángel Nieto.

A wide advantage, considering that the official schedule for the 2020 season has been reduced to just 14 races due to the coronavirus crisis, although the FIM, IRTA and Dorna Sports must announce before Friday what happens with the tests of Termas de Río Hondo, Chang and Sepang, which has raised confidence in Yamaha that this year it is possible to put an end to the hegemony of Márquez and Honda in the queen class.

“Márquez is the only one who can take the Honda and get the best out of it; He's very talented, he's very fit and tremendously motivated. Currently it has all the stars aligned, it is in that sweet zone, but everything has an end and our mission is for our boys to take over. Maverick has a lot of potential, if he can maintain some consistency and think positive. Sometimes he gets pissed off, but he has a lot of quality. You have to keep him in that area where he feels comfortable, he has the ability to win more than one title, "says Lin Jarvis on the official championship podcast.

"We are equal in our philosophy towards our riders, but if this one wants that and the other wants the other, then you know that you divide. But there are times when, you know, there are some great egos in this sport, you have to manage the pilot, his ego, the environment, his expectations, his requests that sometimes can be fulfilled or not. It is quite difficult, but if you ask me, I would always have two top-level pilots instead of one A and another B, it's more stimulating and challenging. I think next year's team should be good, this year's team is good, but next year's will also be good. We will have two young people who are top notch ", Jarvis concludes on the management that will have to perform next year in the Iwata garage with Quartararo and Maverick.

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