Wu Lei, a matter of state

His announcement to continue at Espanyol is pedagogy and a door slam to the dispute in China about his failures, schedules, relegation and the big five leagues.


"I have made the decision to stay at Espanyol," Wu Lei proclaimed this Monday, in an announcement that has sparked praise among lifelong parakeets, but which in Asia has meant much more than that. With his words, the winner of the Chinese Ballon d'Or in its last two editions, 2018 and 2019, has not only slammed heated debates in his country. He has also given a pedagogy lesson.

Since the descent of Espanyol was certified, and even before - when it was already coming - many of the Chinese fans began to obsess over the present and future of their idol. The present, in case from the western point of view he would be overly responsible for the seasonal disaster of Espanyol, since he made some major mistakes in the end of plays and, due to his popularity in the Asian giant, he condemned the team in quotes parakeet to play numerous games at a table time when the results, certainly, did not accompany.

And, as for the future, the dispute was about what suited not only Wu Lei but the country. Could China afford to have its best footballer play in a second division? Wouldn't it be almost an obligation, for your international visibility, to join one of the 'big five' (the five big leagues in the world: Spanish, Italian, German, English and French)? He was even linked, without there being a demonstrable base, with some front-line club, such as the Wolverhampton Wanderers, which like Espanyol has a Chinese owner.

But no. Above convenience is commitment. Even the heart. "I have seen that many people were discussing what would be my next destination. But I really have been clear about my ideas for a long time," explained the player on Monday at China Global Television Network. And it was not the first time that he pedagogied.

On July 10, the day after LaLiga concluded, it issued a statement through social networks that in Spanish contained only a couple of paragraphs but in Chinese was more extensive. And there he already tried to explain in a veiled way to his fans that he would continue at Espanyol. And, above all, why. "I think there are many ways in which to improve Chinese football; even so, we need to be satisfied and proud. But we have lost sight of the fact that European football has more than 100 years of history," he wrote.

"When people talk about where they should play or not play, sometimes it reflects both confidence and a lack of confidence. The day will come when we will not talk about whether a Chinese soccer player should play in First or Second, because there will be both. categories. Then, we will really have confidence, "said Wu Lei, who has ended up speaking loudly and clearly to settle a state issue.

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