"Márquez when he has a goal still makes fewer mistakes"

Andrea Dovizioso, Marc's great rival the past few seasons in the MotoGP World Championship, warns Quartararo and Yamaha: "I think he still has options."


Retrieve 50 points from Fabio Quartararo. This is the objective that Marc Márquez has set himself to achieve in the 11 races that must still be disputed in the 2020 MotoGP World Championship, after the two zeros accumulated by Marc and the two victories achieved by Quartararo in the double of tests disputed at Jerez- Angel Grandson.

A tough challenge for the eight-time champion, which could be smoothed out this week with the incorporation of the Argentine, Thai and Malaysian Grand Prix into the official calendar of the 2020 season, the first final of which will take place on August 9 in Brno. Spain due to Márquez's options for success, Andrea Dovizioso, the great rival of the Spanish in recent years in the queen class, pointed out that the Repsol Honda rider when he has a set goal still makes fewer mistakes, although he specified that the most decisive factor will be to verify his physical condition in the Czech Republic after fracturing his right arm humerus two weeks ago in a virulent fall at 149 kilometers per hour.

"You have to see under what conditions Marc will come to Brno, and whether he will be able to press 100% or have some limit, because that can make a big difference. In his entire career, Marc has only made mistakes one season (2015). Yes You look at his numbers, when he has a set goal he still makes fewer mistakes, at first I thought he could not fight for the World Cup, but now I think he still has options, especially since you have to see how Yamaha manages the possible problem with the engines. It is true that Quartararo has 50 points and that he will surely be fast on all tracks, but in the championship in which we are, I think that everything is very open for everyone, "said Dovizioso.

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