What Alonso returns to F1?

Renault announced on Wednesday the return of Fernando Alonso


Renault announced this Wednesday the return of Fernando Alonso. The prodigal son returns home. It has been the official chronicle of an announced news. The river that sounds, water carries. A good news for Formula 1, which recovers one of its champions, a brilliant and charismatic driver, after two seasons immersed in other challenges: the Endurance World Championship, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Dakar, the Indy 500 … And also a very good news for Spanish motorsports, that next year will have Alonso in the team with which he was proclaimed two-time champion and Carlos Sainz in the legendary house of Ferrari. I look forward to it starting 2021.

That river began to sound precisely from Maranello, in a cascade of market movements that precipitated from the non-renewal of Sebastian Vettel. The domino effect was triggered by the signing of Sainz by Ferrari, the arrival of Daniel Ricciardo at McLaren ... And left a free seat in Renault. Quickly, the river sounded: Fernando Alonso. The Asturian has always been in F1, even if he was not. They both needed each other again. An old love of comings and goings. Alonso needed Renault to be able to return to the Great Circus with 39 years. And Renault needed Alonso to advertise and revive a company in the midst of crisis.

Fernando returns with a middle-class car, which can also step on the podium in certain circumstances, as it could be seen in the last Grand Prix with other teams, and that it can advance a giant step in 2022, when the regulation it intends to take effect match the competition. Now it is necessary to see what Alonso really returns to Formula 1. If that ambitious genius who was crowned in 2005 and 2006 at Renault, with a car in theory inferior, and who subsequently held the pulse of Vettel's Red Bull with Ferrari. Or that illustrious depressed who starred in 24 withdrawals with McLaren and a tenth place finish as the best result in the World Cup in his last four years in F1.

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