"We want to stop being the ugly duckling of Espanyol"

The president of the Sports Sections, Arnau Baqué, makes a heartfelt appeal to Espanyol after another course of promotions.


The president of the Espanyol Sports Sections, Arnau Baqué, makes a heartfelt appeal to Espanyol, as the roller hockey, volleyball, basketball and handball teams have concluded a new season full of successes, applauded by the general public, but nevertheless They still do not have the recognition of the club chaired by Chen Yansheng.

Seccions Deportives Espanyol closes a historic season with a full promotion (five out of five). The senior teams have been located in the highest Catalan divisions (roller hockey and women's volleyball) or almost (basketball and handball at one step) .

This impeccable sports course should be classified as a great success despite the unfortunate pandemic of COVID-19 and the early suspension of the championships, but this should not detract an iota of merit to the teams, since with the exception of handball (it was in the playoff zone), the other teams, roller hockey, volleyball and basketball led their respective rankings, in some cases quite comfortably, at the time of the aforementioned forced stoppage.

This parakeet project has a triple aspect: sports (obviously), historical (it aims to recover the sports character of an institution like Espanyol, a pioneer in sports practice in Catalonia and of amateurism) and, above all, social (it aims to expand the Spanish brand by the entire national territory and lengthen the tentacles to achieve much greater media visibility and that the youngest can wear the blue and white in different sports) .

It is therefore a global project whose benefits for the Espanyol brand may be penguins. That is why we want to stop being the ugly duckling in the story. Until today, after three years from our official constitution, we continue fighting against all odds to obtain recognition from the club. Something as simple as a mere recognition that life would give us and that does not cause any harm to the club, rather the opposite, can benefit even more directly from the benefits of the project.

Because there are things that do not cost money, such as giving up the shield, equipping yourself with the same sportswear, resonance in social networks, joint participation in social events, etc ... There are so many things that do not cost money and that are just simply a matter of will , the one that seems to have lacked many parrot leaders deliberately ignoring the multiple successes of this project that carries a brilliant balance of nine promotions achieved out of 11 possible.

The time has come to step forward for the club. Espanyolismo has welcomed this initiative and enjoys it a little more each season. Not in vain, together with Female B, recently promoted to the Iberdrola Challenge, we are the only ones who have brought some hope and joy to a fateful season.

It is time to stop looking the other way and not ignore reality, leaders. There is no one to stop this project and Spanish-speaking people need illusions. Reflect deeply and stop turning your back on the Spanish feeling in its purest expression. Open your mind and embrace the Sections.

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