Two dreams of a summer night: pichichi and permanence

Leganes needs to win and Celta does not to save themselves. Benzema is two goals from Messi and has a shot to dethrone him. Bale and James, excluded.


Save or adorn yourself. There is the border in the accounts kept by Leganés and Madrid. Those of the pepineros are simple and little hopeful: to escape the descent they need to win and that Celta does not do it in Cornellà against a sleepwalking Espanyol. The one and the other has already been seen in football. Do you remember the pepinazo cupbearer at the Bernabéu in January 2018? It was Leganés' first victory over Madrid in history (1-2). That night, the idea of getting off the ship began to haunt Zidane and not even the Champions conquered months later took it out of his head. Now the appointment is more dramatic for Leganés and almost protocol for the Madrid champion from whom James already got off and now is followed by Bale, the Chinese vases of this title (follow the match live on .

The collapse of Leganés is easily explained: it started horrible and Javier Aguirre was late. The team got two points in the first nine days and then they called the Mexican, who had just returned from doing the Camino de Santiago with his wife. What awaited him was even more tiring, but he was draining water. "I concluded that Leganés and I needed each other." If the results were counted since their arrival, the team would be twelfth. If only the post-pandemic league was worth eleventh. However, the outings of their two scorers, En-Nesyri and Braithwaite, have been a lead in the team's spirit. Since the Moroccan left, Leganés has scored 12 goals in 18 games. After the departure of Braithwaite, 10 at 14.

The winter market did not bring gunpowder either. The Ivorian Assalé, on loan from Young Boys, and another Guerrero, loaned by Olympiacos, have scored a bit. Bryan Gil, owned by Sevilla, has not been released. Since there was no hope out there, the team has tried to find their way out by shielding their door. With his back of three centrals he has already four games without conceding goals. The dividend is great, 10 points out of 12, but insufficient to continue depending on yourself.

For today's final recover three sanctioned, Recio, Awaziem and Jonathan Silva, is low for the same reason Rubén Pérez, and doubts, Bustinza and Óscar Rodríguez. This, on loan from Madrid, is the team's top scorer (nine goals) and the second best free-throw shooter in Europe (four goals) after Messi. He has just recovered from an injury over which Aguirre cast some shadow. Manu Garrido, an invention of the Mexican that was not even essential in the subsidiary, could repeat. The forecast is that Aguirre will direct his last game. Love at first sight with the club has cooled on both sides.

Chinese vases

In Madrid the challenges are minor. Benzema is two goals from the pichichi; Militao is the only player in the squad who has not scored; Brahim has not done it in the League either; Ramos has options to enter the top-10 scorers; the full of victories after confinement is within reach and also the best record of goals conceded in the history of the club ... The rest is more morbid. James did not want to be at the farewell either (of the season and the club) and Bale has taken note. Zidane did not include him in the list. The official version is that the French ruled it out. The unofficial, that it was he who was erased. They are both equally credible given their attitude throughout the season.

The Welshman has not played a minute in the last six games, the real ones. In fact, he is not remembered warming up even once. So it was not for him just in case. And neither in the stands nor at the title party did he seem to feel hot or cold. Placing him this summer will be one of the club's eight pending kicks. It also spares Zidane trance for Hazard, whose ankle must be impeccable in Manchester.

Jovic or Mariano are not ruled out for the duel, which have been neither a threat nor an alternative for Benzema, and Areola. So it is up to Zidane to give permission for some to pick up their oscar or to definitely think about City. There is the head of Madrid, who as Florentino recalled before the squad, mayor and president of the Community, is already asking for another drink without having rushed the one in his hand.

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