Tomic: "I will have no problem fitting into the Penya"

At 33 he will be the oldest player at Joventut although he recalled: "I always try to help to compete and maintain a good level throughout the season."


Ex-Barça Croatian center Ante Tomic, new player for Joventut for the next two seasons, with the option of a third, has commented today that, "I will have no problem fitting into Penya. I will be able to get used to any style of play, although it will be the coach Carles Durán who will have to decide how he sees me in the team. "

In his first statements as a green-black on Penya TV, he acknowledges that, "I come to a team with a lot of progression and I am very happy to be able to play in this great club. It is a very young team, with very talented players who want to grow every year ".

He is not worried about being the most veteran of the team because, "I always try to help in anything, to compete and maintain a good level throughout the season" .

He has already spoken to his new coach, Carles Durán and has mentioned in this regard that "I really liked his philosophy and his way of training, and I really want everything to start now" .

About Joventut's aspirations over the next year, the center wanted to be cautious because, "it is still too early. We will have to start with the preseason, and after two or three weeks we will be able to talk about this topic" .

His reunion with Pau Ribas, who has been his teammate at Barça for the past five seasons, is a positive thing for Tomic. "We have been playing together for many years and it will be easier for me to get used to everything with him by my side," he concluded.

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