This is the record of the Endesa League: Baskonia, 4th title

Kirolbet defeated Barça in the final of La Fonteta and won the national title 10 years after the last one. Draw with Joventut.

Vitoria celebrated the fourth League of Kirolbet Baskonia on Tuesday, which revived almost forgotten customs after winning a trophy ten years after the last league championship, achieved, precisely with Dusko Ivanovic on the bench and in a final in which he started as a victim before Barcelona.

The Basque team takes over from Real Madrid, who had won the last two Leagues but could not even be in the semifinals in this final phase of Valencia. Barcelona, which started as a favorite, extends its curse: it has not added the league title since 2014. Since then, four titles for Real Madrid, one for Valencia and another, this one, for Baskonia.


Real Madrid 35

Barça 18



Unicaja 1

Manresa 1

Valencia 1


2019-20 Baskonia Barcelona

2018-19 Real Madrid Barcelona

2017-18 Real Madrid Baskonia

2016-17 Valencia Basket Real Madrid

2015-16 Real Madrid Barcelona

2014-15 - Real Madrid Barcelona

2013-14 Barcelona Real Madrid

2012-13 Real Madrid Barcelona

2011-12 Barcelona Real Madrid

2010-11 Barcelona Bizkaia Bilbao

2009-10 Caja Laboral Barcelona

2008-09 Barcelona Tau

2007-08 Tau Barcelona

2006-07 Real Madrid Barcelona

2005-06 Unicaja Tau

2004-05 Real Madrid Tau

2003-04 Barcelona Students

2002-03 Barcelona Pamesa

2001-02 Tau Unicaja

2000-01 Barcelona Real Madrid

1999-00 Real Madrid Barcelona

1998-99 Barcelona CS Fernando

1997-98 TDK Manresa TAU Cerámica

1996-97 Barcelona Real Madrid

1995-96 Barcelona CS Fernando

1994-95 Barcelona Unicaja

1993-94 Real Madrid Barcelona

1992-93 Real Madrid Joventut

1991-92 Joventut Real Madrid

1990-91 Joventut Barcelona

1989-90 Barcelona Joventut

1988-89 Barcelona Real Madrid

1987-88 Barcelona Real Madrid

1986-87 Barcelona Joventut

1985-86 Real Madrid Barcelona

1984-85 Real Madrid Joventut

1983-84 Real Madrid Barcelona

------------------------------------------------- ----------


1982-83 Barcelona Real Madrid

1981-82 Real Madrid Barcelona

1980-81 Barcelona Students

1979-80 Real Madrid Barcelona

1978-79 Real Madrid Barcelona

1977-78 Joventut Real Madrid

1976-77 Real Madrid Barcelona

1975-76 Real Madrid Barcelona

1974-75 Real Madrid Barcelona

1973-74 Real Madrid Barcelona

1972-73 Real Madrid Joventut

1971-72 Real Madrid Barcelona

1970-71 Real Madrid Joventut

1969-70 Real Madrid Picadero Damm

1968-69 Real Madrid Joventut

1967-68 Real Madrid Students

1966-67 Joventut Real Madrid

1965-66 Real Madrid Picadero Damm

1964-65 Real Madrid Picadero Damm

1963-64 Real Madrid Picadero

1962-63 Real Madrid Students

1961-62 Real Madrid Joventut

1960-61 Real Madrid Orillo Verde

1959-60 Real Madrid Joventut

1958-59 Barcelona Real Madrid

1957-58 Real Madrid Joventut

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