There is no agreement: Gipuzkoa will request the suspension of the League

CSD mediation has not worked. The ACB still does not accept the promotion from the LEB of Gipuzkoa Basket and the Basque club will choose the judicial route.


ADVANCE | The mediation of the Higher Sports Council has not finally borne fruit and there has been no agreement between clubs (ACB) and Federation (FEB) regarding the promotion of Gipuzkoa Basket, which was rejected by the Club Association.

In this way, and after a last meeting without an agreed solution held this morning, Gipuzkoa Basket will go to court and request the precautionary suspension of the ACB League 2019-20. The San Sebastian club expects a quick resolution that does not affect their sports planning. The alternative if it does not come is to prepare the project in record time to play again in LEB. The ACB clings to gaps in the guarantees since the Gipuzkoa did not present the documentation within the stipulated deadlines and the club chaired by Nacho Núñez justifies this delay in the conditions that the coronavirus crisis forces. In the last hours, the option of having a compensation for the Basque club and that it continue in the LEB the next campaign was also studied, without success.

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