There is no agreement: Gipuzkoa will request the suspension of the League

CSD mediation has not worked. The ACB still does not accept the promotion from the LEB of Gipuzkoa Basket and the Basque club will choose the judicial route.


There was no agreement that could have prevented the prosecution of Spanish basketball. The mediation of the Superior Sports Council (CSD) has not borne fruit and there has been no agreement between clubs (ACB) and the Federation (FEB) regarding the rise of Delteco Gipuzkoa Basket, which was rejected (17 votes out of 18 total) by the Club association exactly one week ago

Without agreement, Gipuzkoa Basket will continue with the roadmap that its president, Nacho Núñez, had already announced. You will go to court to try to defend your rights. He will ask for the precautionary suspension of the ACB League and he will wait for a resolution as quickly as possible since he is currently in sports limbo: he enrolled in the LEB Gold so as not to run out of space (just in case) but he is waiting for events before setting up his template. The first day of the ACB League (which has no more schedule announced for now, beyond the Super Cup to be played on September 12 and 13) will be played between September 18 and 20. At Gipuzkoa Basket it was feared that the ACB was trying to lengthen the situation as much as possible to force the club to give in and clarify its short-term future. The path of financial compensation and continuity was also sought at LEB Oro, but there was no agreement either.

In reality, the only realistic way seemed to be the mediation of the CSD to achieve an agreed solution. Not working, the settlement options were minimal. The ACB would only accept a 19-team league if there was a single promotion for two declines next summer. And the FEB was not willing to give the go-ahead because it would lose a promotion again, in this case in the summer of 2021. The Association clings to gaps in the guarantees since the Gipuzkoa did not present the documentation within the stipulated deadlines. In this case, before a judge, this delay could be justified by the conditions that the coronavirus crisis forces.

Despite the fact that relations between ACB and FEB, and between Antonio Martín and Jorge Garbajosa (their heads visible) are currently optimal, the agreement was very difficult. Both parties have regretted since the spring that this is not a crisis forced by the lack of dialogue but imposed by the coronavirus pandemic. The ACB agreed on April 20 to return to the Valencia bubble with 12 teams in the running and without relegation to the LEB Gold. The FEB, in May, closed its competitions and, without playing the playoffs, proposed the promotion to the first classified, a Valladolid who has stayed on the road without requesting his place in ACB, and Gipuzkoa. The Basques do consider that they have taken the necessary steps to honor what, although sui generis, should be considered a sports promotion. Enclosed by the tight schedule, the ACB did not even want to consider a League of 20 teams. Without common ground and without the intervention of the CSD having paid off, now the judicial route is opened, the last trick of Gipuzkoa Basket to return to the ACB League.

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