The VAR deletes Getafe from the Europa League

Coke scored Levante's triumphant goal when the Azulones were desperate. Mata missed a penalty. Getafe spent 87 minutes in Europe.


The 0-0 was worth it until Januzaj scored in the Metropolitan. When he found out that he was out, he overturned, although now without ideas or strength, and in the end it was Coke who scored in a counterattack to sentence. Getafe had it in his hand. The VAR annulled three goals and also Jaime Mata sent the post a penalty that was Europe. Getafe had three minutes of league time left but in reality what was left over was everything that happened after the confinement. With only an 11 win since soccer returned, the really paradoxical thing would have been to enter Europe. Levante gave their all to the competition and thanks to their honesty Granada will also set foot in Europe. Pure Fair Play.

He stays with that and with the merit of being the second best Levante in history in the First Division. It cost him but Paco López got what he wanted: plug the team in to the end. From the outset, Levante raised an open grave match and Getafe did not lag behind with high pressure and a well-advanced defensive line. A line that Sergio León broke in the 6 'and stood before Soria. He only saw himself that he sent her outside. It was a warning for Getafe who, in reality, was the one who played it in La Nucía. Thus, those of Bordalás gave a twist to the pressure and the occasions and the goals began to come ... canceled. In the 14 'Mata sent her inside in a hard fight with Duarte. They were so close that it seemed like a goal. But the VAR said no. Shortly after it was Ángel who had it after a good pass from Cucurella. But his hard shot was repelled by Koke. The chicharrero was right a few minutes later after a good cross from Mata. But this one had started offside, according to the VAR. Bordalás was about to stamp the water bottle he was holding against the VAR monitor. You did well not to. Because seven minutes later, video refereeing took five and a half minutes to invalidate a goal by Roger for Sergio León's offside. The three by millimeters. All three canceled. The new football. It wouldn't be the last.

Nothing more to start the second half, another goal that annulled the VAR to Angel. Damián's hard shot, the ball escapes Koke and Ángel, when the goalkeeper had only caught the ball with one hand against the grass, riveted the net. Melero López called De Burgos and he canceled it, the fourth that canceled the VAR. Getafe was launched and again Ángel, in a personal move, and Maksimovic, coming from behind, were very close to the goal. And again the VAR appeared to warn De Burgos from a Postigo hand. At last he favored the Azulones. Penalty. But Mata wanted to adjust so much that he sent it to the post. A specialist failed at the moment of truth. It is not the first time this happens in soccer. Getafe was merged there at that time. Only Atlético's victory got him into Europe. But the Real scored. So did Coke, on the last breath.

Sergio León

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