The Mirotic League is won by Vildoza

The Argentine base, MVP of the final with 17 points and author of the winning basket, knocks Barça down and gives Baskonia the fourth league in its history, ten years after the last one.

Of the miracle of San Emeterio, and that 2 + 1 great to knock down the champion of Europe, to the miracle of Vildoza, who after the winning basket released all the accumulated suffering in these months to return from a complicated shoulder injury right. A special guy, happy and with an unusual talent, and a big reentry on the planet ACB to return Baskonia to the throne ten years later. From 2010 to 2020, with the common denominator of Dusko Ivanovic on the bench, who landed in Vitoria on December 24 on the Santa Claus sleigh. A magical gift for the fans from Alava, returned the president's technical fetish, Josean Querejeta, who repeated in full celebration that "Dusko is the DNA of the club" .

The bets all pointed to the greats to take this final phase, even to Valencia, but we did not see fingers pointing to the Baskonia character. And here is the fourth League of his record, looming again, because although he had not left, he came from difficult seasons. But, it is already a reality, the Mirotic League was won by Luca Vildoza. The MVP (1.91m and 24 years old base) is another gem of the inexhaustible Argentine quarry, worthy heir to the individual award of his friend Campazzo.

He scored the winning basket with 3 seconds and 4 tenths left after executing a magnificent back door against Heurtel, who read Polonara very well when he was about to eat the ball. The Italian, coincidences of fate, had entered the court forced by the referees (and the rules, of course). Janning, the shooter, was dragged to the bench with ten seconds to go with blood on his finger.

With 67-69, Pesic's time-out. A bullet remained, a quick attack. The ball went to Higgins because Mirotic had been eliminated with five fouls from the 35th minute. The American, in the corner and leaned back after struggling with Shields, scored triple the glory. She definitively tied with all her arms Vildoza, author of 17 points (20 valuation) .

Barça was until this Tuesday the team that had most deserved the most exceptional League ever, marked to the extreme by the coronavirus pandemic. A title with or without an asterisk, that doesn't matter now because when the clubs approved the new format on April 20, the final two-week tournament acquired the value of a full season. The azulgrana were the best until the break in March (one more victory than Madrid in 23 days) and they had been in Valencia for 13 days, with a perfect mix of talent, physique, game and ambition, but they failed in the fourteenth, in the vital section of the final.

In Can Barça they are still in the second longest tunnel in their history, after 22 years without a League between 1959 and 1981. Now they go six seasons, since 2014, after 41 transfers (to almost seven per year), four different coaches and three sports directors. Last summer the economic bet was redoubled, with a salary mass of over 30 million euros, but the fruits have not yet fallen. The cup is embraced at this time by Ivanovic, who did not want to follow Pesic's advice in the previous one: "Play it now because ... later you don't know." The Serb was right, although we imagine that this previous touch now only increases discouragement.

Mirotic eliminated ... Shengelia held on

The final was an exhibition of two athletic squads, with Barça pressing to suffocation beyond the three-line, while Baskonia counterattacked, collapsing the inner area of the perimeter and carrying everything in the attack rebound. That the Barça defenders, like Davies, climbed so high benefited the rival in the placement to catch the rejections (that bleeding was closed in the second part). With the same attitude, with very physical players, the balance, the aptitude, the talent. Higgins's in the first quarter and then the irruption of a magnificent and incisive Heurtel after almost a blank campaign (21 points and 25 PIR). And of Kuric, who ran, turned, received and scored as the best Carroll. Pure class, just like that of baskonista Vildoza, who with an acceleration, a great basket and a magical pass put the first significant advantage of the duel: 9-15. The Argentine has details within the reach of the chosen ones.

Mirotic had achieved three simple exit targets; however, it was not going to be his day in attack. The stellar duel with Shengelia was a defensive match, which ended with the culé star eliminated in the absence of 5:09. The foci were monopolized by Heurtel: 26-17. Despite Kirolbet's 3-point failures (1 out of 10 at the break; 7 out of 19 in the second half), the scoreboard held, even narrowed by Diop's charges on the opposite ring and Shengelia's first three hits: 39 -33.

On the restart, Ivanovic left his stamp. More concentration, more determination, more pride and more speed to break the rival web. And more success in the shot. Vildoza, once again, marked differences: 43-47. And again Heurtel to the rescue. The last quarter was entered with absolute uncertainty (51-51). A tension growing until it became almost unbearable. The throats dried up, the ideas clouded and the legs trembled with the effort. Heurtel gave the last advantage to Barça (62-61) just before leaving Mirotic for fouls. The French began to accuse inactivity and tiredness. In the Baskonia, Polonara, he made an inner couple with Shengelia, that is, without a pure center, and the formula worked: 64-67. The Georgian was exhausted and at the same time he kept fighting. If he goes to Moscow, he was looking for the big door. Back, magnificent; front, forced

Barça escaped checkmate due to two errors by the enemy in the triple with the ball dancing in the ring. Last minute: Oriola with three of four on free throws and carrying with the soul the attack rejections, equaled 67. Ten seconds remained, the rest is living history of our League. An indelible one, the one Vildoza wrote in his own handwriting, a phenomenon.

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