The Indurain 2020 resumes the cycle touring calendar

The 29th edition of the march, which started from the Hermanos Indurain de Villava pavilion, had special hygienic measures to prevent infections.


The La Indurain 2020 event, with the undisputed protagonist of the five-time Tour de France champion Miguel Indurain, resumed this Saturday in the Navarra town of Villava the cycling touring schedule, which was interrupted during the state of alarm by COVID-19. The 29th edition of the march, which started from the Hermanos Indurain de Villava pavilion, had special hygiene measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Thus, upon arrival, each runner has received a bag with supplies, which will replace the traditional popular food to avoid risks, so there is no service of showers or masseurs either. The organization has grouped the runners in groups of 150 and with a separation of 2 minutes between each one and has communicated the start time individually to each participant.

Before leaving, the cyclists have kept the safety distance of 1.5 meters at all times and have worn the mask until passing through the arch where the test began. The new edition of the cycling tour, with departure and arrival in Villava, has two types of routes, the 180-kilometer long and the 100-kilometer short.

Miguel Induráin, who before the start has ridden in a hot air balloon with the athlete Martín Fiz, has pointed out to the media that "one more year the test comes out", although "with different conditions" and with "less atmosphere of cycling ".

The Navarrese regretted that, due to the coronavirus, this year the cycling fair and popular food have not been organized, in which "people like to get together, tell anecdotes, how one trains, how another trains." "We have to keep a little distance and then ride each one at his own pace in the race", explained Indurain, who stated that, since distances must be maintained, this year "we will have to tell the networks how everyone gone in the event. "

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the fifth Indurain Tour, who has joked that his feeling now is that "the years go by quickly. They were going by fast when I was running." Regarding the test, in which ex-cyclists such as Pedro Delgado have taken part, he has recognized that "some of us have trained less, others more. There are people who, with new technologies, the rollers, have trained more and today they will see a little" of their condition way.

In any case, he stressed, "if we all respect" the rules, "I believe that people are aware, there should be no problem" of infection. The marathon world champion Martín Fiz explained for his part that he has been training on a bicycle "to pay tribute to Miguel Indurain. It is important that we are surrounding him, especially in this difficult year."

After wishing that from now on "the world of sports events will start to work", Fiz has pointed out that he is going to do the short route, because "I think I am not as prepared as Miguel, my legs don't give me much more, but I will be worthily fine. " "We are used to that smell of anti-inflammatory cream, to the fight against the clock, and at first we will go out to enjoy, but when we start to have a little calm, the competitive streak will come out," he said.

Fiz, who stressed that "the world of sport is a very important economic engine for Spain as well", has pointed out that "this is a first step, it will be a first reference. Hopefully everything will go in the right direction and, from from here, to see if in the month of September and October the city events such as La Indurain begin. "

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