The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The first race triplet leaves Mercedes alone in the fight for the World Cup. Red Bull must tune up a promising car and Ferrari has disappeared.


Too much Mercedes, little Red Bull and no Ferrari. The first triplet of grand prizes of the late 2020 season concludes and the balance of the World Cup is already unbalanced in favor of the German manufacturer, champion of everything during the last six seasons. They have a perfect car, as much as they point to the problems of cooling and the gearbox from the garage, and the rival theorists face a lot of work ahead. Valtteri Bottas lost the lead in the Hungarian GP, but admits that the fight for the title is between him and Lewis Hamilton, except for surprise: "We have been on two different circuits and we have had the best car. This is F1 and I could pass anything, but yes, from what we have seen so far, it will be Lewis or me. "

The Mercedes W11 shines in all areas: one lap, race pace, top speed and downforce. "It is not for one thing, there are many. From engineering to marketing. But we should not let ourselves go thinking that we are the best, because we would begin to lose," says Toto Wolff, head of the team, who despite the evidence still waiting for Red Bull: "I am not so sure that the competition has broken, Red Bull suffered throughout the weekend in Hungary and in the race they put out a very decent car. A car that looked like it was not going to start the race. The current advantage with Verstsappen is not important, with an abandonment it would suddenly disappear ".

Max Verstappen was pointed out as the alternative to Hamilton in 2020, and it is true that individually he is at a very high level. His second place in the Hungaroring has merit, because he started the race in seventh position and was able to contain Bottas' arreones with a clearly inferior mount and with tires in worse condition. But his RB16 has, today, too many tares and it is very difficult to drive, that is where the accused oversteer and the constant spins come from, or the accident he suffered when he was going to the grid. In the factory they were impressed with the simulations of the car, which yielded hopeful data, but on the asphalt they did not finish finding all those benefits, hidden among the settings. Christian Horner: "Lewis has a significant advantage, but it will depend on the benefits that we can unlock from our RB16. There is a lot of data to analyze, but aerodynamically there is something that does not behave as it should." "In the race we were close, but Mercedes has a long, long rhythm," says

There is a perfect F1, another that needs a good tuning ... and then there is the unfortunate Ferrari SF1000. In the race for victories and pole positions, the Maranello factory has disappeared, reconverted into one more team from the midfield and not even the best in its category. Leclerc's podium in Austria was anecdotal, Vettel's fifth in Hungary is representative. Mattia Binotto does not hide the disappointment of a car that can be improved in terms of aerodynamics (it generates too much resistance to air) and mechanics (the step back of the engine from the FIA directives is overwhelming): "You have to change everything that is necessary because This dynamic is unacceptable. There is no other possible solution. Being doubled over is painful. " Although he prescribes patience: "It will not be solved in a few weeks. In Barcelona we saw that we were not fast, but we did not expect such a difficult start to the season." In 2019, the big three won races. This year, paint black.

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