The CSD and RFEF reject AFE's invitation to a summit for the 'Fuenlabrada Case'

The Council prefers to wait for the investigations to conclude and Competition to rule. The RFEF does not see any sense in the proposal either. LaLiga did plan to attend tomorrow.


The Higher Sports Council and the Federation, according to various sources consulted, have rejected the invitation that AFE processed yesterday to form part of an urgent meeting with LaLiga, Fuenlabrada and Deportivo with the aim of finding a solution to the crisis current in Second. The CSD and the RFEF prefer to be cautious and wait for all the details of this matter to be known, so the union has had to suspend a summit that was planned to take place tomorrow at 10:30 a.m.

In the CSD's response to the union, signed by the general director of Sports, Joaquín de Arístegui Labord, the Council expresses its concern over the state of the Fuenlabrada expedition, to which it wishes a speedy recovery, and indicates in the letter to the that AS has had access, preferring to allow the investigation and disciplinary processes opened by LaLiga and the Royal Spanish Football Federation to culminate. Afterwards, it will be put at the service of the different institutions for whatever is necessary.

The rest of the instructions invited to the meeting afterwards. According to some of its spokespersons and with the exception of LaLiga, which did plan to attend, they do not see much sense in this proposal when the case is already under study. “They confuse the starting point and here there is no conflict between institutions. This must be resolved in other instances ”, they assure AS. The Fuenlabrada and Deportivo staff were willing to participate in the meeting.

AFE statement confirming that there will be no meeting

The Association of Spanish Footballers has issued a statement on Wednesday afternoon confirming the news advanced by AS. This is the full text:

"AFE sent this Tuesday, July 28, a series of letters to all parties involved in order to resolve the situation generated in the Second Division A. In the same proposed to hold a meeting this Thursday with the sole purpose of unlocking it, inviting the same to the Higher Sports Council (CSD), Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), LaLiga, Deportivo de La Coruña and CF Fuenlabrada.

AFE proposed "a fluid dialogue, presided at all times by the principle of good faith and with the intention of supporting constructively the search for a solution."

Due to operational issues, the parties were given a deadline to reply before 11:00 am on Wednesday. Unfortunately, of the five invitations issued, only three -Deportivo de La Coruña, CF Fuenlabrada and LaLiga- have answered in the affirmative, confirming their attendance.

AFE understands that this meeting was only valid if all the agents involved and forced to find a solution to such a serious situation, which affects the Second Division and by extension all Spanish football, participated.

Faced with this scenario, AFE has contacted Deportivo de La Coruña, CF Fuenlabrada and LaLiga to inform them that the aforementioned meeting is canceled after the other two invited parties, Consejo Superior de Deportes and Royal Spanish Football Federation, surprisingly, did not have joined this union initiative.

This meeting was only intended to find a satisfactory solution in defense of the rights of footballers, who have been affected by a decision -that the last day was disputed in its entirety except for Deportivo-Fuenlabrada- with which AFE, from the point of view of health and sports integrity of the competition, did not agree from the first moment.

This union is in direct contact with the staff of the Second Division clubs affected by this conflict, reserving the right to exercise all legal actions before the competent authorities, in order to firmly ensure health and defend the rights of the footballers until the last consequences.

Finally, we consider that, in such a worrying situation, all parties must add and row in the same direction, regardless of any personal differences that may exist. Institutions are always above people and we believe that any approach will be positive for the good of sport in general. "

Juanma Marrero, against the FEF and the CSD: "It is a shame that they turn their backs on us"

After the AFE statement confirming that the RFEF and the CSD have not answered affirmatively to the holding of the meeting, the Fuenlabrada player Juanma Marrero has showed his indignation about what happened. "Thank you very much to the AFE for always being close. It is a shame that the Federation and the Higher Sports Council turn their backs on us at a time like this," he said.

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